VIDEO: Students Chant 'Murder Patrol' At Border Patrol Agents Invited To Speak

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents were berated and harassed by a group of University of Arizona students.

Tucson, AZ – A group of anti-police University of Arizona students harassed and berated two U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents who had been invited to the school to speak with criminal justice majors (videos below).

The confrontation occurred on Tuesday during an event hosted by the university’s Criminal Justice Association, according to The Daily Wire.

The association has also invited agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Securities Investigations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to speak to students in the past.

As the two border patrol agents gave their presentation at the front of a classroom, anti-police students interrupted from outside the doorway, cell phone videos showed.

“I don’t know who allowed the murder patrol murderers into campus,” the student behind the camera said, zooming in on the agents through the partially opened door. “I pay to be here, and they allow murderers to be on campus, where I pay to be here.”

“Murderers! On campus!” she said more loudly, drawing the attention of one of the agents. “Murders on campus!”

The agent ignored her, but the belligerent student pressed on and stepped inside the classroom.

“This is supposed to be a safe space for students, but they allow an extension of the KKK into campus,” she persisted. “Murder patrol is here on campus.”

The student then told the agents that they should tell students about “splashing water” and “taking the shoes off of migrants, letting them walk through the desert barefoot.”

“How ‘bout you talk about all the graves of unidentified folks?” she added. “There are students that pay to be here that need this to be a safe space for them, and we have the KKK and their supporters right here at the U of A.”

The agents paid no attention to the heckling, but another student finally intervened.

“You’re welcome to sit in,” she said, before the disruptive student interrupted her.

“Great! I can sit in, [but] the entire time I’ll just be saying that they’re murderers the entire f--king time,” she retorted. “Because it’s the truth.”

She then began lecturing the criminal justice students about being insensitive to her anti-police beliefs.

“You as a club should be more conscious of the rest of the students on this campus, and the students that need to be safe on this campus, and maybe find a meeting place outside,” the student argued.

That’s when the criminal justice students finally had enough, and one of them called the police.

“Oh, of course!” the heckling student jabbed. “White woman calling the police! White woman calling the police!”

A second video showed the agents as they gathered their belongings and shook hands with students.

“Murder patrol!” the group of anti-police students outside the classroom began chanting.

The crowd followed the silent agents as they left the building, relentless in their chant.

“Get off our campus!” one student screamed.

“You’re not welcome here!” they yelled, as they surrounded the agents’ vehicle.

The video also showed a second group of people who were protesting the agents’ visit to the campus, The Blaze reported.

“Police, ICE, the same s--t twice!” the crowd yelled, before returning to their “murder patrol” chant.

The university’s College Republicans denounced the anti-police display in a statement to The Daily Wire, and said that the entire situation was “appalling.”

“As fellow Americans, we fully support the first amendment right given to all US citizens, but there comes a point where it's harassment rather than an open dialogue with opposing views,” students Cassandra Bauserman and Matthew Minor said. “The incident towards the two border patrol agents was disrespectful and disruptive to an educational meeting about Border Patrol.”

They noted that the school is just 70 miles away from the U.S. border with Mexico, and that border security is an important topic.

“As College Republicans, being able to have an open dialogue is extremely important to us between people of different views as we want to talk about difficult issues especially as the 2020 election is approaching,” Bauserman and Minor said. “However, the behavior reflected in the video is something we discourage as we are all residents of the United States.”

But the College Republicans’ views were not shared by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, who argued that “the presence of uniformed USBP agents on our campus, especially without warning was, is, and always will be immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community.”

The student group asserted that having agents at the school without prior warning traumatizes students and creates a negative environment.

“Simply put, unannounced visits by the U.S. Border Patrol are unacceptable,” the group declared. “We want to stress the importance of notifying students, especially our DACA and undocumented students, in advance of visits by USBP.”

The Associated Students demanded that the university alter the school’s policy and procedure to “better support our students,” and thanked students who have “raised their voices” in defense of the illegal immigrants on campus.

“Every single UA student, faculty, and staff deserves and has the right to feel safe within our campus community,” the student group said.

You can watch cell phone footage of the agents’ encounter with the anti-police group in the videos below:

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Traumatized students,safe rooms,one way freedom of speech.Just what the hell has happened to this country?Where was the collage admin.Why did they not stop this DISTURBANCE?Just what are collage babies made of these days?No wonder they are called SNOWFLAKES..Safe room for them to cry in,couches and over stuffed chairs with pillows to cray on..Collage admins have to back bone any more.Students run the schools.With the help of the media.


“the presence of uniformed USBP agents on our campus, especially without warning was, is, and always will be immensely harmful to our DACA and undocumented community.”

  1. DACA students have nothing to fear, for now
  2. Undocumented, you mean ILLEGAL (contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.) invaders (someone who enter (a place, situation, or sphere of activity) in large numbers, especially with intrusive effect? )

These are children who are too stupid to realize the harm illegals cost our nation. Of course since they don't work and who are still having their asses wiped by mommy and daddy, they are clueless about this. The school should suspend those who took part in this embarrassing display.


There were no "safe spaces" in the South Pacific during WWII where my Dad fought and was shot...the were no "safe spaces" in the A Shau Valley where I fought and there will be no safe spaces anywhere in this country if people don't grow up, become men and women, stop crying and whining and learn to deal with the unfairness of life.