VIDEO: Students Beat Bus Driver Outside School

A student captured a video of a bus driver in a fight with several students in front of their school.

Columbus, OH – A school bus driver was assaulted by several students after school on March 9, after they attempted to board the bus without the driver’s permission (video below).

A video of the incident has been heavily circulated on social media.

The altercation took place outside the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center around the time classes dismissed at 2:30 p.m., WBNS reported.

According to a report filed with the Columbus Police Department, the unnamed 53-year-old driver was assaulted by one 16-year-old student and two 17-year-old students.

The video began with the driver and a student already squared off with one another. It was not clear what may have taken place prior to the start of the recording.

A crowd of students looked on, as the driver swung twice at the teen, who dodged out of the way.

Instantly, another teen ran up behind the driver, and threw a right-handed punch, knocking the man to the ground.

The students spilled into the street, as the attackers continued to beat the bus driver on the ground.

According to Columbus PD report, the man suffered minor injuries.

School officials said he was removed from his driving duties on Monday, but it was not clear as to whether he or any of the involved students would be reprimanded.

You can see the video of the incident below:


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