VIDEO: Student Charged After Attack On Officer In High School Lunchroom

A Dominion High School student has been charge with multiple felony offenses.

Sterling, VA – A Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) school resource officer was assaulted by an unruly high school student inside the campus cafeteria on Thursday (video below).

The incident occurred at Dominion High School at approximately 1 p.m., after a member of the administrative staff told the student to leave the cafeteria and to report to the main office, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reported.

The student balked at the directive, then assaulted the staff member, according to the LCSO.

When the SRO moved in and attempted to subdue the violent student, the teen turned his rage onto him, cell phone footage showed.

The student took several swings at the SRO, punching him multiple times.

The deputy managed to evade some of the blows, and appeared to strike the student at least twice.

The deputy was injured during the altercation, and “defended himself while taking the student into custody,” the LCSO said, according to WRC.

The unnamed student refused medical treatment.

He was transported to the Loudoun Juvenile Detention Center, where he was charged with assault on a school official, felony obstruction of justice by force, destruction of property, disorderly conduct in a school, and felony assault on a law enforcement officer, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reported.

The SRO was treated for his injuries at a local hospital.

Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman said that the video did not capture the repeated attempts school officials and the SRO made to try to calm the irate student after he assaulted the staff member, WRC reported.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, Sheriff Chapman added.

You can watch cell phone footage of the violent brawl in the video below:

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I dedicate this libtardifide video to a true avatar of The Faith, Zachary Greenberg.

militans Deo
militans Deo

LCSO needs to send their deputy back for more D-Tac training. He did a horrible job stopping the attacker and should have used impact weapons other than personal body weapons.


Principal: Johnnys going places SRO: Yeah Fucking Juvi that’s where he is going!


Appears to me like the wanna be "Thug" received a couple "Man Blows" to his puss ! I hope it was a long painful ride to juvie !


U.S. Marshal,

You are a joke. Thats what life on the beat is. There are students and then there are savages who feel they can one up the cop due to black lives matter left wing cop basher bs.

Fucked the optics. You play a mans game you get yoked like one. Fuck the optics and anyone who bashes the cop. Cop is not someone’s punching bag. Should of body slammed that kid on the table and cuffed him up.