VIDEO: State Trooper Under Investigation For Racing Lamborghini

A video has surfaced of a Florida state trooper racing a Lamborghini in his patrol vehicle.

Lee County, FL – A Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) trooper was under investigation after a video surfaced online that showed a patrol car in a street race with a Lamborghini Aventador three years ago (videos below).

FHP officials would not disclose where the race occurred, but announced that an investigation into the incident was launched immediately after the video was posted to Instagram on Feb. 26, WBBH reported.

“Troopers are expected to act professionally and inspire confidence and trust in those they serve,” Lieutenant Thomas Pikul told WINK. “The Florida Highway Patrol has opened an immediate investigation regarding this incident.”

“The trooper in question will be held accountable upon any finding of misconduct,” Lt. Pikul said.

According to WINK, the three-year-old video was originally posted to an Instagram account called #JustLivinIt, which was operated by the CEO of Arivo, a New York luxury car livery service.

The account remained active on Monday, but the video had been deleted.

The incident was recorded from a third vehicle, and showed a Dodge Charger Pursuit police cruiser and a black Lamborghini Aventador with New York tags as they leisurely rolled side-by-side down a public highway.

The highway patrol Charger then accelerated, and moved ahead of the Lamborghini briefly, as both of the drivers quickly gained speed.

The race appeared to be what’s known as "roll racing" on the highway. It involved dropping down to a designated speed and mashing the throttle to see which car pulls away faster, Motor Authority reported.

The video momentarily cut out, and the sports car was well ahead of the trooper when it resumed.

According to FOX News, the FHP has identified the trooper involved in the street race.

Lt. Pikul would not discuss whether or not the driver of the Lamborghini was cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Watch the street race in the videos below:

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So what.
Par for the course.
Amazing what things have come down to.
Civ and cops having a little fun. Get over it.


Yea a letter of reprimand...there is no way he had a chance in winning that race...


Simply testing his skills... EVERYONE once in a while steps on that right sided padel, don't lie!!! MOST of us get away with it.....


My thoughts exactly. Meanwhile Judge Alcatraz gets to get pay raises without coming back to work....


Come on. The cop was caught road racing. There should be some consequence and it should be worse than if I got caught road racing. Yes there is a higher standard!