VIDEO: Sovereign Shoots Cop In Back For Telling Him Toddler Can't Drive

A Casper police officer remains hospitalized in critical condition after being shot in the back.

Casper, WY – A man who considered himself to be a sovereign citizen repeatedly shot a Casper police officer in the back on Sunday afternoon, leading to a gunfight with police (video below).

The unnamed officer was hospitalized with “life threatening injuries,” the Casper Star Tribune reported.

The gunman was fatally shot when police returned fire.

The incident began at 1:36 p.m., when police received a call that a man was allowing children – one as young as three years old – to drive a motor vehicle in a vacant dirt lot.

Two Casper police officers arrived at the scene, and told 38-year-old David Wolosin to stop the vehicle, a witness told the Casper Star Tribune.

Wolosin refused to speak to the officers, and instead made a phone call. He then stepped away from the officers, before he turned and opened fire on them without warning.

“During that contact, the male unexpectedly drew a firearm and engaged the officers in gunfire,” the Casper Police Department said in a statement, according to The Washington Post. “The two officers returned gunfire.”

As the officers sought cover behind Wolosin’s vehicle, the gunman shot one of the officers in the back five times, the Casper Star Tribune reported.

Cellphone footage showed the officers exchanging gunfire with Wolosin, as he laid on his side in the open dirt lot.

Wolosin was fatally shot during the gunfight, and died at the scene.

The children, who remained inside Wolosin’s vehicle during the altercation, were uninjured.

“It was a pretty surreal thing.,” Travis Barker, who witnessed the incident, told KCWY. “Maybe 15-20 shots and it was over.”

The unnamed officer was rushed to the hospital with “life-threatening injuries,” and received multiple blood transfusions, the Casper Star Tribune reported.

He remains in critical condition.

Attorney Don Fuller, who often represents police officers in officer-involved shooting incidents, said that Wolosin “fancied himself as a sovereign,” and refused to recognize the authority of the government.

“That’s what we know so far,” Fuller said. “These officers were left with no choice, and they acted heroically.”

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation was handling the officer-involved shooting investigation, and surrounding agencies provided assistance in handling calls for the Casper police department, city officials said in a press release.

A member of the Casper Police Department has established a fundraising account to assist with the injured officer’s medical expenses, the department said in a Facebook post.

“CPD appreciates all the support the community is showing us during this trying time!” the post read.

The campaign had raised nearly $30,000 as of Tuesday morning.

You can watch cellphone footage of the gunfight in the video below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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First, what kind of idiot allows toddlers to drive a car? What is up with this sovereign bullcrap, and where the heck did this craziness come from
? I've seen a few YouTube videos of more of these Sovereign idiots trying to say that they don't have to follows laws and law enforcement directives.


I am tired of having stupid idiots like this man, think they are above the law. Are we going back to the old west days. The police are handcuffed by people like this and the court system gives them the right. Clean up the justice systems with people with a back bone and follow the law, t
hat are for everyone

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I wonder whether stricter nationwide gun control laws would have prevented this tragedy.


Gun control is not the solution.. criminals and evil will always be there.. It's the rhetoric of the last Administration that's caused the Civil divide Lack of faith in authority... The propaganda that the police are bad... Lack of faith in the United States government fostered a fractionation... Who do you trust... it is a forced chaos and that needs to be corrected! Sure there are good police and unfortunately there are bad police... But the constant bashing, media manipulation has forced more to be unsure then sure...this has to be an united front reestablish decorum eliminate the political correctness and Unite and work to solve as many problems as possible


The truth is, this guys beliefs are not the issues herein, We all get public safety toddler driving stupid as hell not at issue. People have come to understand you made the people to understand. What is at issues is, how LEO/LE prosecutors/ public defenders judges all play the tamper with governmental records perjury fabricating or withholding evidence crime rule 16. In courts all across this land. The other part is LE/LEO The courts have allowed paid groups like SPLC ADL Russia to drive the freedom movement right from the DOD. The truth is you have allowed compacted international forces being allowed to drive theory. Simple put it targets a suspect classification group of people mainly pour white males. So you are directly reasonable for this and many other conflict murders. THE LAW IS A PIECE OF SHIT. YOUR THE LIVING EMBODY OF IT. BRADY MIRANDA, BROWN VS TEXAS, TERRY STOP MAPP. It's ok you can admit I understand.