VIDEO: Sovereign Citizen's Wife Chastises Him Throughout Traffic Stop

The wife of a man who was pulled over for a brake light wasn't tolerating her husband's sovereign citizenship nonsense.

Philadelphia, PA – A man who claimed to identify as a Moorish Sovereign Citizen got schooled by his wife after he tried to argue with a Philadelphia police officer in front of her (video below).

The video, which was filmed by the wife, showed that she didn’t cosign any of her husband’s ridiculous sovereign citizen babble.

She started filming before the officer even got to the driver’s window, the video showed.

“How may I help you officer?” the man asked when the officer first approached the vehicle.

“You may help me by giving me your license and registration and insurance proof,” the officer replied pleasantly.

“Before we get there, I need you to give me your badge number,” the man identifying as sovereign told the officer. “I’m recording for my protection. Where’s your bodycamera at?”

“I don’t have a bodycamera,” the officer told him. “My badge number is 3420.”

“I need your name and I need your bond clearing number,” the driver said.

“License, registration, and insurance,” the officer requested.

“I will identify myself. I need you to identify yourself first,” the man insisted.

“I’m Officer Kincaid, badge number 3420,” the officer told him. “License, registration, and insurance, please.”

And the video showed the man again demanded the officer’s bond number and started to argue with him.

But his wife was having none of it and shut him down quickly, the video showed.

“Excuse me, can you give him your license, registration and insurance,” the wife interrupted. “We have our child in the car. I’m not doing it.”

“Don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be,” the officer cautioned the driver.

“And we’re right outside of our home. We live right there,” the wife told the officer in the video.

“Don’t do it with my kid in the car,” she warned her husband. “I’m not doing this. You can stand up for yourself another time. I’m not getting killed with my kid in the car.”

“I’m not getting killed,” her husband argued.

“Yeah right. You stupid. You black. Give up the ID, the registration, whatever,” she told her husband.

“Why are you pulling me over?” the driver asked Officer Kincaid.

“You have your center brake light out sir,” the officer replied.

Then he had to explain what a center brake light was to the driver.

The man shuffled through paperwork from their glove compartment and had trouble locating the documents.

“If there’s going to be any more problems, I want to request a supervisor,” he told the officer as he handed over his license.

“He’s letting you know that your light’s out, so say thank you. I’m not doing this with my kid in the car,” his wife informed him on no uncertain terms.

The video showed he did not argue with his wife.

As they sat waiting for the officer to run the driver’s information, the wife told her husband that the officer probably didn’t even know what a bond number was.

“They didn’t even talk to you all crazy. You started talking to them all crazy,” she ranted, sounding furious. “You can do that s--t when you get pulled over by yourself. Not with my kid in the car.”

She made fun of him putting them in jeopardy because he claimed to be “traveling,” the video showed.

“Unless you’re trying to get shot up right in front of the house,” she warned him.

“I can’t believe you’d even try that s--t with your baby in the car,” she muttered, furious.

Then she got out of the car to talk to the officer and explained she had a sick baby in the backseat.

The officer returned to the car and told the driver that his car registration had expired on May 31 and that they were going to have to tow his car, the video showed.

The driver told him he’d stopped registering his vehicle once he learned the law, the video showed.

The driver asked again for a supervisor and Officer Kincaid said he’d call a supervisor as soon as the driver gave him the keys to his car.

But the man refused.

“Alright sir, it’s not going to end well,” Officer Kincaid told him. “I’m letting you know that right now.”

“You can’t take my car,” the man whined.

“I can take your car. I have to take your car,” the officer informed him.

The filming stopped briefly as the woman got her baby and took her back to their house, and then she started again from the front porch, clearly irritated with her husband.

“Look at my sovereign citizen husband. Or Moor. He wanna be a Moorish Citizen? He has a right to travel? He ain’t gotta reregister his car? And it only costs $70?” she ranted.

Moors are an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement who believe that black people have special rights because of a 1780s treaty with Morocco and that black people are indigenous to the Americas.

The terrorist who ambushed and shot six Baton Rouge law enforcement officers in 2016 was involved with the Moorish sovereign movement.

“Y’all n----as over here making this YouTube s--t talking ‘bout you cannot register your car – here come the tow truck, the impound and s--t,” she said as a tow truck backed up to her husband’s car in the video.

“And you ain’t gotta pay bills or do nothing like that?” the angry woman continued. “Look, they impounding his s--t. Thanks a lot honey. We can’t make it to our daughter’s doctors’ appointments. You can’t go to work. You can’t do s--t. Because you tried to be a Moor Citizen.”

“And look, the cops is impounding your s—t,” she mocked in the video as she watched from the front porch. “So first the car, next thing, it’ll be the house. And your credit score will drop.”

“Thanks a lot, Moor Citizens. You f--ked up my life,” she said as the video ended.

You can watch the video of the stop below:

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This lady is a riot! If we had more people raising their husbands and their kids with the common sense that she has, we wouldn't have nearly have the problems we have today.


I sense a divorce in the making.


I applaud the wife for telling him like he and it was. Too bad they had to take the car because it makes it hard on her and her child. He can take a bus. Thanks to her for sharing that video. Great job.


"You stupid, you Black!" :)


She is showing common sense and i see a divorce coming.