VIDEO: Security Guards Arrested For Murder In Shooting Captured On Video

Jason Hill was fatally shot by two security guards after he nearly struck an unconscious man with his pickup.

Dallas, TX – Two armed security guards have been charged with murder for the fatal shooting death of a driver who nearly ran over a man while fleeing the scene of a fight early Tuesday morning (video below).

The driver allegedly struck one of the security guards with the front bumper of his pickup, at which point the security guards opened fire.

A bystander recorded much of the encounter, and broadcast the video on Facebook live.

The incident occurred just before 3 a.m. in a parking lot outside the XTC Cabaret Nightclub, after 34-year-old Jason Hill got into a fight with several other individuals in the parking lot, according to the arrest report.

An unarmed security guard working in the parking lot area used his radio to call for more help, at which point two armed security guards, Eric Hansen and Daterrious Haggard, ran out to the scene of the brawl.

As Hill tried to flee the area in his white Ford pickup, Haggard and Hansen spotted an unconscious man lying on the ground behind Hill’s vehicle.

The video showed a crowd of bystanders as they gathered around the man on the ground, just as Hill began to back the truck out of his parking spot.

“Don’t let them leave!” a woman yelled in the video, according to The Dallas Morning News.

A second woman tried to stop Hill from leaving by jumping behind his vehicle, and was shoved out of the path of danger by the security guards.

Hansen, 27, and Haggard, 25, then drew their weapons, and ordered Hill to stop, police said.

“Haggard and Hansen attempted to stop Hill from backing out of his parking spot and injuring the witness, but [he] disregarded their commands,” the arrest report read.

The witnesses dragged the unconscious man out of the path of the truck, as Hill began to drive forward.

“Hansen stated that he was hit with the front bumper of the truck and almost pulled down,” the police report said. “This is when…Hansen started firing his gun.”

Haggard then opened fire as well, police said.

Hill continued to pull the truck forward to the point that neither security guard was in danger of being struck, and continued to try to flee the area.

“Hansen and Haggard fired several more shots…finally causing him to wreck into several vehicles before coming to a complete stop,” the police report read.

The video showed they fired a total of 22 rounds during the encounter, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Hill was pronounced dead at the scene.

Haggard and Hansen both waived their Miranda rights and agreed to speak with detectives, and told them what transpired and why they fired their weapons, the Dallas Police Department said in a press release.

“Based on their interview, the social media video and witness testimony, Haggard and Hansen were both arrested and will be charged with murder,” the department said.

According to KTVT, Hansen served time in prison in 2010 after being convicted of burglary.

It was unclear whether or not Haggard has a criminal history.

Hill had a history of drug offenses that began in 2005, WFAA reported.

Jalen Bell, a military veteran who alleged he was beaten by other security guards employed by the same strip club in May of 2018, said that the club needs to improve their background investigations for hiring security personnel.

“Their process for vetting the security guards has to change,” Bell told KTVT. “If it doesn’t, we’ll wait another six months and you’ll be hearing something else in the news.”

Although the security guards allegedly involved in the altercation with Bell were not charged, his attorney, Lee Merritt, said he plans to file a federal lawsuit on Bell’s behalf in light of Hill’s death, WFAA reported.

Merritt has been accused of practicing law without a Texas license.

"It was a completely needless murder that did not need to happen," Merritt declared. "You can't shoot up a car to prevent it from leaving. No matter who you are, it's murder."

You can watch footage of the encounter in the video below:

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How did that gaurd get a permit to carry and purchase a hand gun after serving a prison sentence?


I'm going to try something new, I'm going to wait until the investigation is concluded with then I'll say something about it.


Loved the guy filming video. Step by step. He should make movies. Sad man lost his life. But he was told to stop..wonder if the 2 security guys will walk or b torn over outcome i want..seems all unvolved were thugs..

Paul Kersey Jr.
Paul Kersey Jr.

The narration on the video is very entertaining, however.

Paul Kersey Jr.
Paul Kersey Jr.

Their problem is they are Mundane Civilian Helots. No qualified immunity, no PBA rep, no 48-72 hour "cool down" before they made statements. It doesn't help that they seem pretty stupid. Alot of the shots seem to be the result of panic. Only the cops can get away with that. My training in the Mesozoic Era emphasized that "blind fear" was never a justification for employing Deadly Physical Force. Looking at the video I never saw a shot that would be justified under VA law. I'm speaking as a person who held a "Hard Card" in VA for 16 years and was involved in numerous (100+) UOF incidents, including deadly force - lawful and otherwise ( for instance, rendered 1st aid to a female subject shot by her "boo", 1 bullet went through both arms and both breasts, lateral trajectory). When you fire as a Security Guard, you are in for a World of Shit, even if get no billed or exonerated. These guys are toast.