VIDEO: Seattle Officers Destroy Armed Suspect At Last Possible Second

The Seattle Police Department released footage of officers' altercation with an armed man.

​Seattle, WA – The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has released bodycam and dashcam videos from an altercation with an armed suspect, who was ultimately killed during a shootout with police on Monday morning (video below).

The video, released Tuesday, showed a compilation SPD clips from the incident, and condensed the hour-long search into a 2 ½ minute summary.

Officers’ involvement with the unnamed suspect began at approximately 4:20 a.m., when a witness reported that there was a car prowler in the area of Ravenna Park, The Seattle Times reported.

“Hey. Come here,” an officer said in the video as he exited his patrol car.

The video briefly showed a man as he stepped out of a vehicle, and immediately began running away.

The officer gave chase, and commanded the man to stop, just before the man shot at him.

“S**t!” the officer said, just before he began radioing for backup.

“Shots fi–,” he relayed, as a second shot interrupted his transmission.

A barrage of gunfire ensued for a brief moment, and a dispatcher was heard sending officers to the scene before the clip ended.

“As the suspect was running, he turned around and fired the shot at an officer," SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson told KIRO. “Our officers were not injured.”

The officer returned fire, but did not hit the suspect.

Police set up a perimeter in the neighborhood where the suspect was last seen, and began tracking him with a K9 officer, The Seattle Times reported.

He was able to break into a residence, and made off with a Volkswagen Jetta after a confrontation with the homeowners.

The video resumed at 5:14 a.m., as an officer responded to intercept the suspect in the stolen vehicle.

Within seconds, the Jetta was seen barreling towards the patrol cars, and partially onto a grassy boulevard, before it slammed into the officer’s vehicle, and came to a stop.

“Show me your hands!” police yelled, as they swarmed the suspect’s vehicle with their weapons drawn.

The video then switched to bodycam footage of another group of officers as they converged on the suspect, who remained inside the vehicle.

“Is he still gunnin’ it?” an officer asked. “Tell him to shut it off.”

“Shut the vehicle off – you can’t go nowhere!” he yelled. “Shut it off! Shut it off now!”

“He’s trying to back it up,” a different officer said, as the first officer continued to command the driver to turn off the ignition.

One officer said he was unable to break the vehicle’s window.

“Watch his hand!” the officer suddenly yelled. “He’s reaching! He’s reaching!”

Multiple officers repeatedly screamed at the man to stop reaching, as the suspect could be seen frantically rummaging through items in the backseat and on the floorboard, and he continued to ignore the officers’ ongoing commands to stop reaching.

“Don’t do it!” an officer yelled, while he tried to open the suspect’s locked car door.

Multiple shots rang out a moment later.

“He’s reaching!” an officer yelled, as the last shot was heard.

The officers began to pull the man from the vehicle, but an officer noted that the suspect was “still reaching.”

“Let me see your hand!” officers yelled.

“We got cover, get the door,” an officer said as the officer with the bodycam reached inside the vehicle to manually unlock it.

“I can’t see his right hand,” another officer cautioned.

Police pulled the man from the vehicle, while one officer yelled for “CPR,” just before the video ended.

The SPD said that the suspect died at the scene, and that a loaded handgun was recovered from the floor of the vehicle, The Seattle Times reported.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing, police said.

You can see the bodycam video of the indent below:

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Seems like a good shooting but this is Seattle, run by mentally ill liberals, so you never know the outcome.

prophetess anna
prophetess anna

how sad---why did the driver have a gun in his car??? was that really necessary, to have a gun, in the first place? i feel that the officers, had no other choice. but to shoot at the suspect. DEAREST GOD, PLEASE PROTECT ALL OFFICERS, THE ONES THAT ARE MEN, WOMEN AND K9, FROM ALL EVIL AND THANKYOU DEAREST FATHER, AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Idiot had plenty of opportunity to FOLLOW THE LAWFUL COMMANDS OF THE POLICE and live. His fault, he chose the outcome. Be safe brothers in blue!


As someone who has lived in the greater Seattle area for almost my entire life, I can confirm this statement...


One less POS on the planet. How many times do police have to tell you orders before you obey?? This guy could be alive and in prison now getting fed and watered at our expense. Instead he is dead because of his stupidity. We win!


A fantastic amount of restraint by the officers to not begin shooting this moron sooner. Well done.


I place the blame on the Car, if the car had not taken the man to the scene, he would have been alive. Bad car, now go to the junkyard and turn yourself in. Thank you to the officers for shooting this piece of shit for us.