VIDEO: Saggin' Pants Suspect Tries Running From Cops With Hilarious Results

Michah Fitzpatrick had a gun and was wearing his pants below his waist as he tried to run from police.

Tulsa, OK – A suspected gang member with his pants pull down in a sagging fashion didn't get far when he tried to run away from Tulsa Police Department officers.

Police eventually tased Micah Fitzpatrick after he took off running once he saw police officers in September.

The chase that was captured on video and released by the police department, according to KOTV. (Video below)

The video showed a police officer chasing after Fitzpatrick and yelling, “Let me see your hands!”

The officer chased Fitzpatrick into the park and then yelled, “Get on the ground!”

As the officer caught up to Fitzpatrick he used his Taser to bring Fitzpatrick to the ground.

Another officer showed up and helped to put Fitzpatrick in handcuffs.

“Do you got a gun?” the officer asked Fitzpatrick who appeared to say, “No.”

“What are you running for?” the officer asked as he started to search the pockets of Fitzpatrick.

“You need to get some CrossFits, son,” the officer told Fitzpatrick.

The officer then pulled out a handgun from the pocket of Fitzpatrick’s shirt.

“Oh, s**t,” the out-of-breath officer said as he pulled out the gun.

Tulsa Police Department Sergeant Shane Tuell said the Tulsa Gang Unit Officers were in the area.

"They believe they may be dealing with an individual who has a gun, and sure enough when they do catch up to him he was carrying a very large pistol," said Sgt Tuell, according to KOTV. "That's why you always hear officers say 'show me your hands, show me your hands.’ Because it’s not the person that's going to hurt the officer. It's what's in those hands that could hurt the officer."

Sgt. Tuell said it was common for officers to talk to citizens while they are on patrol, especially in an area known for gang activity.

"We don't need to have a criminal offense occur to just go up and talk to a citizen, but if they turn around and run then we are allowed to pursue them,” Sgt. Tuell told KOTV.

Watch the video of the chase here:

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hahaha.......I didn't know underwear had pockets.


And cue the outrage over the second officer calling him a piece of trash. Eyeroll.


I have to admit I was tired half way through that foot chase. Maybe I need to get some CrossFits.


A dindu with sagging pants. Hey everyone that is their tuxedo for formal occasions


How did that Texas game go this year?? 😂😂🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻