VIDEO: Sacramento PD Railroads Officer After Media Lies About Recorded Fight With Suspect

Sacramento, CA - A textbook use of force turned into sensationalized BS after Fox 40 reporters obtained a video showing a Sacramento police officer arresting Nandi Caine Jr. on Monday. Video of the incident can be seen below.

According to Fox 40, the incident started on Monday at around 5 PM when

Sacramento, CA - A textbook use of force turned into sensationalized BS after Fox 40 reporters obtained a video showing a Sacramento police officer arresting Nandi Caine Jr. on Monday. Video of the incident can be seen below.

According to Fox 40, the incident started on Monday at around 5 PM when the unidentified Sacramento police officer repeatedly told Nandi Caine Jr. to stop after he committed a jaywalking violation at the intersection of Cypress Street and Grand Avenue. Caine ignored the officers commands.

The officer followed until Caine finally did stop. The details aren't clear from there until the video starts.

This is where the BS starts flying from Fox 40. The news channel reported:

"After finally stopping Cain, police say the two got into an argument and Cain took off his jacket, challenging the officer to a fight. That is when police say for an unknown reason the officer threw down Cain and began punching him over and over."

That's the same thing as saying, "The guy tried to fight with the police, then for some unknown reason, the officer fought him."

I think the reason is pretty clear.

I'm not in California, and I'm not familiar with California law, but I'm fairly certain that ignoring a police officer's commands to stop, and then standing in the middle of the roadway threatening to fight the officer, is a crime everywhere in America.

Assuming that the officer had probable cause to arrest Caine, which it looks like he did, then the officer was legally placing him under arrest.

When the video starts, Nandi Caine challenges the officer to a fight and takes off his jacket. Shedding clothing is a universal signal that a person intends on fighting. When the officer moved towards Caine, he was moving to arrest a hostile suspect who clearly expressed that he was ready to assault the officer.

The officer utilized then executed what's referred to as a push-pull entry.

When police officers arrest a hostile person, without knowing exactly how the suspect will react, simultaneously grabbing an arm and a shoulder allows officers to get hands on a suspect while getting set up to control their movements. Pushing the shoulder while pulling an arm allows officer to turn a suspect while gauging their level of resistance. If the suspect turns hostile, then the officer has some control of the suspect's movements. Done properly, it prevents the suspect from throwing any effective punches and puts the officer in position to transition to other control holds or a takedown.

The officer grabbed Nandi Caine's left arm while simultaneously pushing on his right shoulder. Caine reacted by pulling his right arm away. At that point, Caine was actively resisting arrest. A normal (legal) response to a person actively resisting arrest may involve strikes and takedowns. Caine's decision to resist arrest here was legal justification for the officer to execute a takedown. NOTE: The strikes were not justified by this level of resistance, only the takedown. More on that later.

The officer then successfully executed a takedown. Caine ended up on the ground with the officer on top of him.

FOX 40 falsely reported these events as:

"The video shows an officer grabbing a man by the neck, taking him down and punching him repeatedly for what started as a stop for jay walking."

At no point in the video did the officer grab Caine's neck. Also note the misleading sentence makes it appear as if jaywalking was the reason for the use of force.

On the ground, Nandi Caine can be seen on video trying to punch the officer. This was plenty of justification for the officer to hit him back. The officer clearly had a positional advantage and was much more effective with his strikes, and that's a good thing. In the video, the punching stopped when the officer was able to trap one of Caine's arms and Caine stopped punching at the officer.

Even though Caine was clearly trying to strike the officer, Fox 40 falsely reported in their video newscast as, "A takedown, followed up by what appears to be only police fists flying." While the reporter said that, the news station actually showed clips of Caine trying to punch the officer.

Nandi Caine was then placed under arrest.

This incident was a textbook use of force.

Refusal to stop and threatening an officer = Arrest with basic control techniques

Actively resisting arrest = Takedown

Hitting a police officer = Police officer hits harder

Fox 40 went to Sacramento PD for answers, and they reported that the police department told them that it was, "unacceptable conduct by a police officer."

It looks like Sacramento PD is throwing the officer to the wolves.

"It's a disturbing incident. Based on the video, we don't condone this behavior with any of our officers," Sgt. Bryce Heinlein told KCRA 3. "We are much better than that. We hold ourselves to a very high standard."

"Right now, it's an administrative investigation. That's why he's been placed on paid administrative leave," Heinlein continues. "There is always the possibility of there being some sort of criminal liability, but at this point it's too early to say."

That's right. This officer's department is actually suggesting that the officer may be charged criminally. Disgusting.

People's idea of police brutality is whenever we win a fight, but that shouldn't be the department's viewpoint.

Please spread the word that we need to combat this false narrative spread by Fox 40, and see that this officer is treated fairly. This officer didn't hesitate. He reacted like he was trained, and he's exactly the type of officer I want backing me up.

You can see the video of the arrest below: