VIDEO: 'Routine Traffic Stop' Takes Sudden Turn When Convicted Felon Pulls Gun

Holly Matkin

Convicted felon Darren Moore grabbed a gun in his car when he was stopped by Volusia County Deputy Devin LaFoucade.

Volusia County, FL – Bodycam footage captured the moment that a convicted felon grabbed a concealed firearm during a traffic stop and was nearly shot by a Volusia County deputy (video below).

The incident occurred on Saturday night, when Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy Devin LaFoucade, 23, conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a tag light violation, WKMG reported.

WPEC identified the driver as 50-year-old Darren Moore.

Bodycam footage showed Deputy LaFoucade as he spoke with Moore through the open driver’s side window of the vehicle.

“Sir, can you do me a favor and step out of the car?” the deputy asked.

“Why?” Moore replied.

“Smells like weed in here, man,” Deputy LaFoucade responded.

Moore immediately admitted that he had “smoked some earlier,” and told the deputy that he didn’t have anything “hidden in the car,” the video showed.

Deputy LaFoucade again asked the driver to get out of the vehicle.

“I got a bag of weed though,” Moore told him.

“You’re being honest – I’ll work with you,” the deputy calmly replied.

But as the driver’s door began to open, Moore hesitated and tried to pull it closed again.

“Just give me a second, bro,” he told Deputy LaFoucade several times.

The deputy ordered Moore to stop pulling on the door, and radioed for backup to “step it up,” as Moore shifted his body in the driver’s seat and turned away from him.

He then backed out of the vehicle, and immediately attempted to push past the deputy.

Deputy LaFoucade grabbed onto Moore, and tackled him to the ground.

“Drop the gun!” he ordered, as the pair wrestled for a brief moment.

Moore then returned to his feet, as the deputy held him at gunpoint and repeatedly ordered him to drop the weapon.

“Don’t shoot,” Moore said, raising his hands in the air. “I was just trying to get away, that’s all.”

Moore then walked back towards his vehicle and bent down to pick up an object up off the ground, as Deputy LaFoucade commanded him to get onto the ground.

Instead, Moore placed his hands on the roof of his car, and the deputy quickly secured him in handcuffs.

“Seriously, bro?” Deputy LaFoucade told him. “You almost got shot!”

Moore claimed that his friend left a gun in his vehicle, and that he didn’t want to “get caught” with it.

“You don’t wanna get caught so you pull a gun out?” Deputy LaFoucade countered.

“No, I was runnin’ with it. I was trying to run with it bro,” Moore said. “I wasn’t going to use it on you. You know that.”

Moore, a convicted felon, was found to be in possession of various pills, including the opiate hydrocodone, as well as 22 small bags of marijuana, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said in the video release.

He was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule II narcotic, possession with intent to sell, resisting without violence, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and a no tag light traffic citation.

“It’s not a good idea to run,” the sheriff’s office said in the video release. “It’s not a good idea to resist. It’s absolutely not a good idea to grab a loaded gun.”

“This traffic stop could have ended differently,” the agency noted. “No one wants that – not us, not anyone.”

You can watch bodycam footage of the harrowing encounter in the video below:

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That guy is lucky I wasn't the one to stop him. Based on what I saw, I'm pretty sure he would have been shot.


typical dindu behavior.


He had every reason to use deadly force!! That guy is lucky.


Guy was so stoned he didn't even know what was going on! Definitely shouldn't have been driving a car. He doesn't even realize how close he came to being shot dead, & for darn good reason!


"No, I was runnin’ with it. I was trying to run with it bro,” Moore said. “I wasn’t going to use it on you. You know that.”

No, they DON'T know that and thought processes like that end up with people being killed. So glad tragedy was averted and everyone went home! EXCELLENT job officers!


AMAZING how this dude just acts so causally about having a gun and trying to get away. You are dealing with a POLICE OFFICER who are getting KILLED EVERY DAY!!!! Freaking idiot!!! Great job Officer!!!

Bad Bob
Bad Bob

Should have blown the hump away.


Do all the nuts roll to Florida?


What’s so unusual about a convicted felon having a gun these days, oh and drugs too ? Shocking. Just sayin


Oh my, I watched the video all the way to the end this time and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting, but the black dude with the gun never got shot. I thought @Hi_estComnDenomn said black dude with gun automatically get shot on the spot. OK @Hi_estComnDenomn cock smuggler what have you to say?