VIDEO: Robber's Face-Tears Captured On Camera When SWAT Gasses Him

A SWAT team deployed tear gas during a Thursday standoff.

Tucson, AZ – A SWAT team was forced to deploy tear gas in a residence on Thursday, after a robbery suspect refused to surrender to police (video below).

Investigators said that a man told police he was robbed at gunpoint as he walked along West Silverlake, WVOA reported.

Police identified the suspect, and determined he was inside a unit at the Mission Sierra Apartments.

The Tucson Police Department (TPD) SWAT team was alerted, and they attempted to serve a search warrant to arrest the unnamed armed robbery suspect.

SWAT asked the man’s family to help to convince him to surrender, but it was unclear if they cooperated.

When attempts to negotiate his surrender failed, officers deployed tear gas inside the residence.

The shirtless suspect opened a window and pushed himself through to his waist, where he remained for several minutes.

He still refused to comply with officers’ commands to surrender, so they entered the home and yanked the uncooperative man back inside through the window, where he was subsequently arrested.

The identity of the man has not been released, and it is unknown what charges he may face.

There were no reports that the suspect or any of the officers were injured during the standoff.

You can watch officers subdue the noncompliant suspect in the video below:

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