VIDEO: Robber Disarms Officer, Holds Her At Gunpoint During robbery

Newly-released video showed the masked, armed robber disarmed the Houston officer as soon as he entered the store.

Houston, TX – A newly-released video showed how an off-duty police officer working a security detail at a Verizon store was disarmed and held at gunpoint by armed robbers (video below).

The incident occurred at about 3:45 p.m. on April 15 inside the Verizon store located on Yale in the North Loop near Garden Oaks, KTRK reported.

Police said a getaway driver remained outside the Verizon cell phone store while two armed, masked suspects robbed the store.

There were at least six employees and the Houston police officer in the store when the robbery happened, according to KTRK.

Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner said that one of the robbers headed straight for the officer and took her gun.

Then both armed men held everyone at gunpoint while they stole cell phones from the store and took the officer’s service weapon, KTRK reported.

Surveillance video from inside the store showed the moment that the masked men stormed into Verizon.

The video showed one of the robbers raced directly over to the Houston police officer.

He pointed his gun at her head and ordered her to the ground, the video showed.

The video showed the masked man disarmed the police officer and then held her at gunpoint, prone on the floor.

Police officials said the officer, whose name has not been released, did exactly what she was supposed to do.

"She trained like she was supposed to. If somebody overtakes you that quickly, you remain calm and become a good witness," Chief Finner told KTRK.

The suspects dashed out of the store and fled in the waiting vehicle.

The officer called for help, and police responded so quickly that one of the suspects was apprehended after a foot chase nearby the store, KTRK reported.

A second suspect wrecked his vehicle as he was being pursued, and was captured near Waco and Lyons.

Police are still looking for the third suspect, KTRK reported.

"Good conclusion. We got two suspects, and once you have two, it's pretty easy to get the last one," Chief Finner said.

The suspects who were arrested are facing charges of aggravated robbery and disarming a public servant, KTRK reported.

The chief said the officer involved in the incident had seven years on the Houston Police Department.

Watch the incident in the video below:

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She was fuckin with her phone that's what she gets

chappy 123
chappy 123

your support and understanding are only surpassed by your ignorance. I myself am glad she and everyone else were not hurt


I am glad this officer is alive but she is lucky to be that way. Obviously this store has hired security because they have had robberies in the past, these guys had to have cased the place a few times and knew what type of officer they were dealing with, ballsy move to do the robbery with a cop in the store. She should have known to be more heads up on that post, basically she did nothing to protect that store.


Typical female ( so called) cop, total Zero!!!


Finner, you are such a silly embarrassment as a Police Chief. That officer had several seconds to respond and did nothing. And Finner says, Yep we teach them to freeze and do nothing. One reason she is not dead and everybody in the store is not dead. POS bad guy made the choice to let the live. If dumb azz Finner is teaching officers to let bad guys decide who lives and dies what does that say about his ability to command. . .