VIDEO: Robber Brings BB Gun To Gunfight, Police Bring Real Guns

Holly Matkin

A Maywood police officer shot a man who had just robbed a Burger King on Sunday night.

Maywood, IL Cell phone video captured the shooting between a Maywood police officer and an armed robbery suspect outside a Burger King restaurant on Sunday night (video below).

Both the officer and the suspect were transported to the hospital, WLS reported.

The incident began shortly before 9 p.m., when the armed suspect robbed the Burger King restaurant and fired his weapon at an employee.

The robber had shot the girl that was inside with the BB gun," witness Daniela Peralta told the news outlet. "She was an employee."

Maywood police arrived at the scene as the suspect was leaving the area.

Cell phone footage of the encounter showed the armed man as he ran in front of the officer with his right arm extended towards him.

The officer backed away simultaneously with his arms extended in front of him in a shooting position, the video showed.

Put it down! he commanded, just as the sound of gunfire rang out.

Approximately 14 shots were fired during the exchange, which ended the moment the suspect collapsed to the pavement, the video showed.

Initial reports stated that the officer was injured in the exchange, but it's not clear what injuries he sustained.

Damian Harvey, who lives in the neighborhood, said he headed towards the Burger King restaurant after he heard sounds of gunfire.

I live in Maywood, so you hear shots often, but this particular amount of shots was strange because I did hear police sirens in the area already, he told WGN.

Harvey told WLS that paramedics were tending to the injured officer when he arrived, and that the officer appeared to be alert.

They were in the ambulance working on the officer for about 10 minutes, so Im thinking it wasnt that grave, and he was up talking and everything, he said.

The officer and the gunman were both transported to the hospital, but their conditions were unknown as of Monday morning, WLS reported.

According to witnesses, the suspect had a BB gun.

The female employee was hit by a projectile, but was not seriously injured, witnesses said.

The Illinois State Polices Public Integrity Task Force is leading the ongoing investigation into the incident.

Burger King corporate headquarters had not responded to a request for comment as of Monday morning, WGN reported.

You can watch the shootout between Maywood police and the armed robbery suspect in the video below:

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He won't be shooting at a person and robbing again....... Getto lottery winner?


If you even aim a BB gun at an officer and there has been a robbery and a shooting reported and you match the description of the robber, you get what's coming to you - a lead shower.


BURGER KING? Fuck them, I would not have responded. Until Burger King Corporate PULLS the franchise licenses of every Burger King who refuse Police Officers' service, they deserve to be robbed.


Great job Maywood PD!


Ok with the outcome, but where did the 14 bullets finally land?


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!! Robbing a Burger King, shooting a projectile at the employee and then pointing the gun at police. That will win you a POS human being award!! Too bad you aren't dead.


the guy must've had a brain the size of bb pallet.