VIDEO: Rikers Captain Gets Jumped By Inmate - 2 Captains With Him Flee

Two Rikers correction captains fled when another captain was attacked by an inmate, and it was captured on video.

New York, NY - A correction captain on Rikers Island was with two other captains when he was suddenly attacked by an inmate on Thanksgiving. But rather than join in the fight, the two accompanying captains fled.

The fight and flight was captured on video (below.)

The incident happened on Thanksgiving in the Otis Bantum Correctional Center around 2 p.m., according to WABC.

Captain Ghauri was with two other captains while making rounds in a housing area, when out of nowhere, an inmate attacked him. The captain was punched in the face, which knocked him to the floor. Then the violent gang member got on top of him to continue the assault.

That's when Captain Ghauri's fellow captains jumped into action - except the action they took was to run away.

Correction Captains Association President Patrick Ferraiuolo told WABC that this sort of thing was not isloated.

"This captain was not helped - as a matter of fact, staff retreated from the area. Now, you can look at that two ways - you could look at that as just barely being a coward, or you could look at it as staff is just so concerned for their own safety that's that's the only thing that's paramount in their minds," Captain Ferraiuolo added.

Left to fight by himself, Captain Ghauri started to gain the upper-hand on the convict. That's when two other inmates jumped in to attack him.

Finally, other corrections staff ran in to help. Captain Ghauri was left is numerous lacerations to his left cheek, the inside of his mouth, and a long laceration on his neck.

Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Peter Thorne released a statement saying:

"We will never tolerate the actions of those who harm our staff and we are working with the Bronx District Attorney to arrest and prosecute any inmate involved in this incident."

He did not address the actions of the other captains.

You can see video of the incident below:

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jkos. ever hear of radios? Your theory is crap.


I worked in one of the largest county jail systems in the country for 20 years and retired from the department. In all my years, I never saw a single detention officer or supervisor run from any inmate disturbance, let alone an assault of an officer. This is disgraceful. I personally jumped in and restrained or helped restrain inmates in any number of instances and I only weighed 90 lbs when I started. Those men should be very ashamed and they should be disciplined!


"...except the action they took was to run away..." Sorry, I'm not built that way. If my partner winds up in a hospital bed, on my honor, I swear I'll wind up in the bed next to you. You will not go down alone.


The video is not very clear but it looks like the Officer was holding his own and maybe his fellow Officers went to get help? I would hate to think the ran away because this should never happen- but if you watch the video again it looks like the inmates were standing by waiting to jump in if another Officer joined the fight, and they surely would be outnumbered. However it certainly does seem that they both did not have to leave him alone and they should have a radio to call for assistance, also the space where this happened should always be under survelliance so why the left is unclear to me.