VIDEO: 'Put That Taser Down Or I'll Kill You' - Naked Man Shot In Attack On Cop

Marcus-David Peters was involved in several hit-and-runs before jumping out of car and attacking an officer.

Richmond, VA – Police released video Friday of a naked man failing in the roadway before running at a police officer and attacking him before being fatally shot (video below.)

Marcus-David Peters, 24, was fatally shot May 14, the Washington Post reported.

The incident began when a police officer observed Peters hit another vehicle with his car and then flee, according to police.

Officer Michael Nyantakyi, a 10-year-veteran, had his gun trained on Peters’ car as he approached and told Peters to stay in the car.

“Male seems to be mentally unstable as we speak,” Nyantakyi said in the video.

Peters got out of the car and ran onto the interstate filled with rush-hour traffic, the Washington Post reported. Peters then laid down on the road and rolled back and forth, swinging his limbs.

Peters then told the police officer, “I figured it out. I’m living the dream.”

Peters stood up and began to aggressively approach the police officer. He swore at the police officer and told him, “Put that Taser down or I’ll kill you.”

Officer Nyantakyi fired the Taser, which had no apparent effect.

Police Chief Alfred Durham later said that only one prong from the Taser hit Peters.

The officer ordered Peters to back up as Peters continued to approach.

Peters then launched his attack on the officer while the officer repeated commands for Peters to back up.

The police officer then fired two shots.

Officer Nyantakyi shot Peters twice in the abdomen, Chief Durham said.

Peters fell down but then got back up and walked around. He later died later at a hospital.

Office Nyantakyi was put on paid administrative leave during the investigation. The investigation will include a toxicology report on Peters.

Peters was involved in three hit-and-run collisions before the police were involved.

Friday was the first time the police department released video of shooting while an investigation was ongoing, the police said.

You can see the video of the shooting below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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How else do you deal with a clearly mentally ill man, or he was on a lot of drugs.... I feel badly for the officer.. ANY officer who has to use lethal force... no one should think they take it lightly and that it doesn't haunt them, most likely for the rest of their lives. You can tell that by this officer's reaction.


Excellent point! Cops use lethal force as a last resort and only if they fear for their lives or the lives of others. This cop clearly didn't set out to shoot this man nor did he derive any pleasure or of it.


Another example of Excited Delirium Syndrome with unfortunate end result for the LEO!


Sadly another life lost to drugs.


Yes, as LCD like to point out white people OD and die on opioids, but they only hurt themselves, black people so drugs that make them crazy and hurt others or make them get shot by police, but when that occurs we are all racists.