VIDEO: Pursuit Ends In Massive Fireball Collision, Police Blamed

An Indiana man fled from police, causing a major collision.

Indianapolis, IN – One person was killed, and five others were injured on Tuesday night, after a high-speed pursuit ended in a fiery crash (video below).

The incident started when investigators were conducting surveillance on Mark Padgett, 37, on Tuesday afternoon, WTHR reported.

According to the Indiana State Police (ISP), Padgett was “involved in a heroin, possibly laced with the deadly drug Fentanyl, drug transaction” just before troopers attempted to pull him over at approximately 7:15 p.m., WTHR reported.

Padgett, who was driving a light-colored Oldsmobile, refused to stop, and led police on a five-minute pursuit, police said.

He allegedly threw items out of the vehicle as he fled, according to police.

The chase ended when Padgett blew through an intersection, and slammed into a black BMW.

Surveillance video showed the vehicle as it flashed into the frame, and crashed into the driver’s side front quarter panel of the SUV.

The SUV spun in the air, and the impact sparked an immediate fire beneath the Oldsmobile, which then slammed into a nearby GMC pickup.

The Oldsmobile promptly burst into flames.

Padgett’s passenger, 32-year-old Michael Ramsey, was extricated from the vehicle, and was transported to a local hospital, WXIN reported.

He was later pronounced dead. Autopsy results indicated that he died from multiple blunt force traumas.

Two of the four individuals inside the GMC pickup were transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver and one passenger inside the BMW were transported to a local hospital with serious non-life threatening injuries.

Padgett sustained a broken leg.

Ramsey’s family criticized police following the man’s death, and said officers should not have pursued Padgett due to heavy rain and slick roads, WTTV reported.

“I do believe the police should have backed off,” Ramsey’s girlfriend, Annie Dodson, told WTTV. “The car was legit. It wasn’t like a stolen car or anything. I believe they should have stopped the pursuit.”

He was a father of four, according to his family.

“I’m angry and I’m hurt,” Dodson said. “I’m hurt for my children. The kids don’t have their dad no more.”

Padgett, who had an outstanding warrant for theft at the time of the fatal collision, has been charged with failure to return to lawful detention, reckless homicide, and resisting law enforcement resulting in death.

He also has a history of arson, marijuana sales, and domestic battery, WNDU reported.

Watch the pursuit’s fiery conclusion in the video below:

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First off, the driver made the decision that caused the crash, period. Now let's think about pursuits: As LEO0301 stated, really, what is the benefit? Unless it's that once in a career murderer with a smoking gun, why go? There is really no upside anymore. So he ends up arrested? He Is out before the paperwork is done and even if he goes to trial, it'll be a slap on the wrist. The downside? Wrecked patrol cars, damaged stolen car, injured or killed Officers and citizens. If he's suspended, who cares? If he did a minor drug deal, really, who cares? Most of society doesn't care, Judges don't care, so why do we? We go because of our pursuit response, but in this day and age, should we? At some point each of us needs to answer a very personal question: "Is this worth being dead?" Just remember that whatever happens, you, the Officer, will be criticized, investigated, probably sued and not defended by your Department. Do the math, 10-8.


I've always had mixed feelings on pursuits. I've seen pursuits that have scared the shit out of me, not only because of the suspects driving, but also the officers in pursuit. I think if you already know the name of the driver, and he is not fleeing because he just murdered someone, you would be better off terminating the pursuit and arrest at another time. As far as the passenger being an innocent bystander, I doubt that's the case. He was apparently in the car when the drug transaction witnessed by the officers took place. The fact no one in the BMW was killed is a friggen miracle.