VIDEO: Police Rescue Toddlers From Crazy Mother Allegedly High On Drugs

Delray Beach police officer rescued two toddlers who were being held on a rainy ledge over a driveway on by the mother.

Delray Beach, FL – Delray Beach police officers rescued two toddlers who were being held on the ledge outside the second floor of a home by their deranged mother (video below).

Police released bodycam video of the May 19 incident when officers responded to a townhouse for a call about a 23-year-old woman holding her two small children on a ledge over a driveway.

“She’s on Molly! She’s on Molly!” a neighbor informed the officers from the Delray Beach Police Department as they arrived.

“She’s got the door locked and I can’t get it open,” the woman said, pointing up at the younger woman crouched on a wet ledge above the garage of a townhouse.

Officers Rob Addea and Matt Warne stood beneath the ledge in case one of the children slipped from the rain-soaked ledge, WPLG reported.

The bodycam video showed police telling the woman that she wasn’t in any trouble, and begging her to take the kids back inside.

Sergeants Mike Debree and Brian Griffith gained entry to the home, and then once they were inside, exited through the window onto the ledge to bring the children back inside, WPLG reported.

The first officer out the window grabbed onto the one year old’s arm as soon as he reached the baby, and he didn’t let go again until the child was safely out of its mother’s grasp.

“It's OK. It's OK. We are the police. We are here to help," Sgt. Debree said as he walked toward the woman on the ledge, who was holding the little girl.

"I want to see your badge," the woman said as the barefoot children screamed "Mommy" and cried.

An officer showed her his badge, but it wasn’t what she was looking for.

"Are you a sergeant?" The woman asked in the video. "No, it doesn't say sergeant ... Point blank, body avenger!"

The officers separated the children from the woman, and very carefully helped them get safely back inside the home, the video showed.

Police were also able to get the woman off the ledge, and then took her to be committed to a psychiatric facility, WPLG reported.

Watch the officers rescue the children from the ledge in the video below:

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Lol, funny story.


What a freaking idiot...I would not trust her with these children anymore...No telling what she may do to them next time and Thank God once again to those brave officers that put their safety on the line to save these poor babies!!!!


Wtg Leo’s you saved three lives!


Great Save!! Great work like that makes all of us proud of having worn a uniform.


Omg, how terrifying for those kids, makes me think of my own grandkids! Thank goodness mine are stable. I wouldn't want them to experience this kind of life, made me cry seeing them walking on the ledge especially the little one in diapers!. I like how the officers were "fun". Good job officers!