VIDEO: Police Officers Guarding Ice Cream After Viral Blue Bell Licking Fiasco

Keller police poked fun at a recent viral video of a woman licking ice cream after the real culprit was identified.

Keller, TX –Texas police have identified the Blue Bell ice cream licker who appeared in a now viral video filmed at a Lufkin Walmart store and some police departments are taking precautions to make sure a challenge issued to the video doesn’t take off (video below).

“The only Blue Bell Ice Cream being licked here in Keller this holiday weekend will be the kind you’ve already purchased. Cpl. Clark and Officer Bryans are seeing to that. #NotOnOurWatch ,” the Keller Public Safety Department joked on its official Facebook page.

The tongue-in-cheek post was a response to an incident that occurred in Lufkin in the end of June.

A video posted to twitter showed a young woman with glasses and a nose ring as she stood in front of a grocery store freezer case holding an open container of Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream.

As the girl’s older boyfriend filmed her and narrated the cell phone video, she stuck her tongue on the ice cream and took a large lick across the top of it.

The video showed she put the lid back on the container and put the container back into the freezer and left it to be purchased by an unsuspecting customer.

KDFW reported that the video of the incident on Twitter had garnered more than 10 million views since it was posted on June 28.

As soon as Blue Bell became aware of the video, it tasked its employees to figure out where in Texas the disgusting prank had occurred.

Initially, it was believed to have happened in San Antonio or Houston, but then an alert division manager in Lufkin recognized some unique marketing from the Lufkin Walmart store in the video.

Blue Bell called the police and reported the incident on the video.

Tampering with a consumer product is a second-degree felony in Texas and carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, National Public Radio (NPR) reported.

Investigators went to the Lufkin Walmart and found surveillance video of the woman with the nose ring leaving that store, KDFW reported.

Lufkin Police Spokeswoman Jessica Pebsworth told NPR that the ice cream licker was identified as a juvenile from San Antonio.

Police said they confronted the girl and her older boyfriend and they admitted to making the video.

Her case will be turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, according to NPR.

Lufkin police said they were discussing with prosecutors whether to charge the adult boyfriend who filmed the video.

Watch the disgusting viral video here below:

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What is wrong with people anymore? Tide challenge? Blue Bell ice cream licking? Someone needs something constructive to do!!!!!


Get a court order requiring medical review to determine if this girl has transmittable diseases - which could add charges and cause her to be tried as an adult. It seems that her boyfriend, an adult, was a conspirator in a felony. Some may view this as a kid's prank but I see this as very serious. Drugs are far too prevalent in youth communities and that opens far worse possibilities than just a truly disgusting act.

I agree with reverett456117502. They need something constructive to do. Working laundry in a state pen is a good start.


Sooooo shocked to learn it was part of the 13% once again.


Who would think that was funny or cute? It's disgusting and I love the use of the N word that they casually throw around. Let someone else say that and there would be hell to pay.