VIDEO: Police Officer Arrested For Punching Fire Chief In Viral Video

Slaughter Police Officer Danny Coy Hobgood was arrested on one count of simple battery on Wednesday.

Slaughter, LA – A uniformed Slaughter police officer was arrested for punching the local fire chief in the face on Wednesday, after cell phone footage of the heated altercation surfaced on social media (video below).

Slaughter Police Officer Danny Coy Hobgood, 36, was booked into the East Feliciana Parish Jail on one count of simple battery, WAFB reported.

“I’m not exactly sure how it got started,” East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis told the news outlet. “Investigators have looked at that, and they have looked at the video and evidence and decided that a simple battery charge on the officer was warranted.”

The footage surfaced on Snapchat early Wednesday morning.

After realizing that the uniformed officer who slugged Slaughter Fire Chief Billy Poche in the face worked for the Slaughter Police Department (SPD,) Slaughter Police Chief Dave Almond contacted Sheriff Travis’ office and asked them to investigate, WAFB reported.

The altercation took place in the parking lot of Jett’s convenience store on Highway 19.

The video showed Officer Hobgood and Chief Poche in each other’s faces near a gas pump, just seconds before the uniformed officer punched the chief in the face.

Chief Poche batted him away, and the two men squared off for a moment before Officer Hobgood landed another hit to the chief’s face, the video showed.

Just before the clip ended, Chief Poche walked away, and the fight appeared to die down.

“It was investigated and upon the conclusion of the investigation…the investigatory staff thought that there was enough evidence to do a probable cause warrant and book the officer," Sheriff Travis told WAFB.

Chief Poche is not currently facing charges.

The events leading up to the violent altercation are still under investigation.

“We take an oath to uphold the law and, in this case, it’s unfortunate that it was an officer that we felt had broken the law, but we have to apply the laws equally and fairly there,” Sheriff Travis told WAFB.

The Slaughter Police Department will address any administrative or disciplinary action against the officer.

You can watch cell phone footage of the brawl below:

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Cop should be fired.


What an astoundingly stupid thing to do. A uniformed officer in public engaging in conduct like that. This officer has a problem and admin needs to solve


FAKE NEWS!!!!!! There is no way a police officer did that. FAKE NEWS!!!! Halloween costumes probably.


Looked mutual until the fire chief got "fired up" 🤣


I see a termination notice for that officer in the near future.