VIDEO: Police Declare Riot As Antifa Thugs Attack Conservative Rally in Portland

Nobody was arrested in connection with the attacks on the Patriot Prayer group's marchers.

Portland, OR – Portland police declared a riot and cancelled the permit for a conservative rally after Antifa protesters attacked the group on Saturday afternoon (videos below).

The incident began at about 4 p.m. on June 30, when Antifa counter-demonstrators showed up for a permitted-by-the-city gathering of the Patriot Prayer group at Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza before the rally had even started.

Police began seizing weapons that included utility knives, clubs, and chemical sprays from the masked Antifa protesters before the Patriot Prayer group’s marchers had arrived at the designated location for their demonstration, The Oregonian reported.

When the Patriot Prayer group arrived, mostly via chartered school buses, police checked the new arrivals’ gear and made anyone carrying pepper spray, or anything else that could be used for personal defense, return those items to their bus prior to joining the rally, according to reports on Twitter.

There were twice as many Antifa counter-protesters in attendance as Patriot Prayer group marchers, according to The Oregonian.

When the conservative demonstrators arrived, they sang “God Bless America” and said the Pledge of Allegiance as they waved American flags and showed their patriotism, the videos showed.

Things got nasty at about 6 p.m. when Antifa protesters began throwing eggs, half-empty water bottles, and lit firecrackers into the crowd, according to The Oregonian.

Undaunted, the conservative protesters advanced on the Antifa crew, and pushed them back, videos showed.

Police used pepper-ball guns and flash bangs to disrupt the melee, CBS News reported.

Four civilians and a police officer were injured when they were hit by projectiles hurled by the Antifa protesters, and had to be transported to the hospital, The Oregonian reported.

Portland police responded by declaring the situation to be a “riot,” and shutting down the Patriot Prayer group’s event.

Conservative demonstrators complained that police did not do enough to protect their legally-permitted rally, The Oregonian reported.

Only four arrests were made during the chaos, and none of them were for charges related to the riot, according to The Oregonian. The Antifa protesters who got locked up were all wanted on open warrants.

Watch Antifa protesters attack the Patriot Prayer rally in the videos below:

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Antigua needs to put out of commission by any means possible!


The Patriot Prayer group had a permit, while Antifa did not. I understand cancelling the event but the police should make an effort to track down the Antifa members who caused the riot. If they don't, then Antifa accomplished what they set out to do.


I wish there was an earthquake that just made the ground open up and swallow all of these clowns up. Both sides.

The Proud Boys are nothing but trouble.


Any time Antifa takes a beating it's a good day in America.

Lou I
Lou I

I think one of the best GIFs that came out of this. The Antifa puke swinging a collapsible baton at a Proud Boy with such little force the Proud Boy blocks it with his arm and DRILLS the Antifa guy.