VIDEO: Pastor Berates Parishioners & Cops With Racial Slurs During Arrest

A Michigan pastor called a white police officer a "cracker," and referred to members of his congregation as "n----rs."

Highland Park, MI – A prominent Michigan pastor hurled racial insults at his parishioners and a white police officer during a vulgar tirade after he was placed in handcuffs for interfering with an investigation outside his church, video footage showed.

The incident occurred on June 24, when Highland Park police officers responded to the church to investigate a report of a mentally ill woman having struck a child, WDIV reported.

Bodycam footage showed Reverend David Bullock as he explained the circumstances of the alleged assault to the officers at the scene and pointed out the involved parties.

The officers then began their investigation.

Several minutes later, Bullock interrupted one of the officers as he was speaking with the juvenile victim of the assault.

“What’s all this for?” the pastor interjected.

“Are you serious?” the officer asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’m asking,” Bullock responded.

“She was assaulted by this lady,” the officer said. “Don’t you think that if I completed a police report, I would put the victim in there?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the pastor again interrupted. “I’m just asking. I can have the right to ask.”

The officer then told Bullock that he was interfering with the investigation, and that he needed to step aside so the officer could proceed with his interview of the victim.

“No, I’m not going anywhere,” the Bullock told him.

“Then you’re going to be arrested,” the officer explained.

“Arrest me,” the pastor replied.

As he continued to intervene in the officer’s conversation with the victim, the officer again directed him to leave the area.

“Would you stop?” he told Bullock, pointing his finger at him. “I’m trying to talk to them and see what happened to get this straightened out.”

“Are you ready to hit me or something?” Bullock asked before he let out a chuckle. “I mean, you’re really aggressive.”

The officer finally escorted the reverend across the street and told him to stay there.

“You’re not welcome here while I’m doing my investigation,” he told Bullock as he returned to the victim and her family.

Bullock immediately appeared behind the officer once again.

“Cuff him,” the officer said.

Bullock was placed in handcuffs and escorted to the back of a patrol vehicle as onlookers began to shout and question what was taking place.

Camera footage from inside the patrol vehicle showed the pastor as a woman off camera came and spoke to him.

“That girl is mentally sick,” the woman said. “She was out here hitting people.”

“Open the door,” Bullock told her.

The woman instead told the reverend he should “cooperate” with the investigation.

“Don’t you tell me to cooperate!” Bullock suddenly yelled. “I didn’t do anything!...This is called racism!”

“Don’t you ever tell me that!” he screamed at the woman. “What ya’ll need to do is you need to open this door!”

Bullock then accosted his parishioners and hurled racial insults.

“Ya’ll are the scardest n----rs I ever seen in my life,” he scoffed. “Ya’ll just gonna let this cracker do this s--t? Really?”

Bullock ordered witnesses to “call the mayor” and news outlets, and told them to document the incident by taking photographs and video of the scene.

“While you praying, you need to be taking some pictures,” he hollered. “If he don’t f—kin' let me out this car, it’s gonna be a problem!”

Bullock urged his parishioners to “call everybody now” before he began yelling that the officer had “put his hands” on him.

“Ya’ll better stand up,” he added. “If ya’ll let this car leave, I ain’t coming back.”

Bullock ordered another person to call his father.

“Call my dad. He ain’t scared of the cops. Call my real people,” he demanded.

Bullock was charged with obstructing police and was taken to jail, WDIV reported.

You can watch footage of the reverend’s tirade in the video below:

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Typical SHIT HEAD !!!!!


Sad! He is a "Pastor"? He should have been arrested!


The very fact that he even allows himself to be called "Reverend" questions his Christianity. The word implies he is to be "revered". Respected, maybe, but revered, not according to Biblical principals.


reverend my ass. saying the f word, the n word and calling the officer a racial slur. downgrading "his" parishioners. Instead of calming them down, he's trying to cause a riot. When the situation is this volatile, maybe they need to remove him as soon as possible instead of letting him keep on inciting those poor people. Anyone is allowed to ask questions, but not interfere with an investigation. why is it ok for african americans to call each other a slave term, but not caucasions. you would think they would want to raise themselves above that. it's hate crime. The officer maybe could have calmed the situation down, and cited him for interfering in an investigation and for a hate crime. arguing with him is just stooping to his level, ride to jail should have just been a quiet ride and let him talk. I think everyone in this situation could have done a better job. You know BLM and the media will be on this like stink on shit.


The right Reverend "BS" Bullock needs to have his pastoral/ministerial credentials revoked and to be fired from his position, at this church. If and when he sought and completed anger management and diversity training, be allowed to seek reinstatement of his credentials and/or church position.




What would be wrong with a "pastor" who would insert himself between police doing their job investigating a child who was assaulted and the abused child? It doesn't seem the act of a mentally stable person. He went further with name calling of his parishoners (niggars) as well as the police (crackers), then still further with his demands for his parishoners to break the law and free him, and finally, his absolute loss of control with his anger. Sounds like he wanted to cause problems rather than solve one, or he is mentally unstable. How easy is it for people to get an online certificate to allow themselves to be called Reverand, or Pastor? Why is he yelling racism? The police are investigating an assault against an African American. He was even verbally attacking one of the women (same race) trying to reason with him. This is not rational behavior. He is mentally challenged, or is trying to start a race problem that doesn't exist. All we can do is pray for these misguided folks.


I was thinking more about this "Pastor" . Its bad enough he acts as vile as he does......but if you think more about of it truly blind,deaf and dumb does his followers have to be to waste their time seeking spiritual guidance from this fine specimen?


Blacks are always trying to interfere in Cops business!