VIDEO: Passer-By Stabs Random 3-Year-Old Boy In Face While Walking Down Street

The child is recovering after being stabbed in the cheek and nose.

Tbilisi, Georgia – A woman brutally stabbed a random three-year-old boy in the face as he was walking down the street with his mother on Tuesday evening (video below).

The sudden attack occurred on Pekini Street in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi, Metro reported.

Security footage showed the little boy walking hand-in-hand with his mother, while his sibling and father walked together beside them.

But as the family passed by a woman in a black shirt, the stranger suddenly pulled out a knife and brutally stabbed the little boy twice in the face before his parents even had the opportunity to react, the video showed.

The woman continued to walk away, then abruptly pivoted and went after the couple’s second child.

The father managed to pull the little girl out of her reach as the mother shoved her away with the hand that wasn’t gripping her injured son.

The father quickly handed his daughter over to her mother, then took off into the street after the crazed woman, the video showed.

He aborted his attempt to subdue her when she suddenly turned around to face him with the blade gripped in her right hand and lunged at him.

The 51-year-old attacker fled the scene, but was later located and arrested on a charge of intentional infliction of grave injury to the health of a minor, the Daily Mail reported.

The parents of the child she assaulted said they have never seen the suspect before, and police have not released a potential motive for the attack.

The suspect faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The injured little boy was rushed to a local hospital by ambulance with “moderately severe” cuts to his cheek and nose, the Daily Mail reported.

He was discharged from Zhvania Clinic on Thursday, maxillofacial surgeon Natia Vasadze told the Georgian Journal.

“The state of health has improved, [and] we intend to discharge the child. The patient had fairly deep wounds in the area of ​​the nose and right cheek,” Vasadze said. “We provided initial surgical care to the patient and then stitched the wound. Currently, the health condition has improved and he will be discharged.”

You can watch security footage of the random attack in the video below:

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Faces 10 years? She (it) should face eight feet of rope from a 10 foot drop.


What the hell? Whoa?! She needs to be disposed of, there's no rehabilitation for that freak.


that's why we have the 2nd amendment.


She should NEVER be allowed out, she will do it again and kill someone. She could have blinded those kids or worse. I wish Dad would have beat the crap out of her but she had a knife.........


If that was me with my family, that lady would have come down with an acute case of lead poisoning very quickly.