VIDEO: Outrage Over Video Taken Before Jonesborough Police Shooting

Video shows part of what happened prior to a Jonesborough Police Department officer-involved shooting.

Jonesborough, TN - People on social media are expressing their outrage after a video was uploaded to Facebook which shows officers confronting a man prior to shooting him (video below.)

Unfortunately, the video stopped well-before the shooting occurred, leading many people to think that the suspect was shot prior to endangering officers.

The incident started Friday at around 12:41 p.m. when officers were called to a disturbance at Country Inn and Suites, according to WJHL.

The person causing the disturbance had been banned from the facility and was trespassing.

When officers arrived, they found the suspect in the parking lot armed with a knife.

Multiple Jonesborough police officers could be seen in the video confronting the suspect in the middle of a roadway. In the video the man refused to obey commands and backed away from police.

As officers pursued the suspect, the suspect tripped and officers surrounded him, then the video stopped.

TBI told reporters that the suspect later moved towards one of the officers while holding the knife.

That suspect was shot by officers. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased.

People are assuming that the suspect was shot immediately after the video ended, but according to the witnesses who took the video, this is not the case.

Witnesses Jay Curtis and Dee Curtis said that the man got up and fled over towards Dunkin Donuts after the video ended. Jay added that the suspect was armed with a large knife or machete at the time he was shot.

"In the video he tripped. He WAS NOT shot then. He was shot a few moments later and down closer Dunkin donuts," Jay tried to clarify.

His message didn't deter some critics.

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You can see the video taken before the shooting below.

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To those of you that are calling people dumb twat and a piece of garbage because they dont agree with the way the officers handled the incident. What if he was someone you cared about. I bet you wouldnt be so quick to praise those policemen that killed that man. So before you start bashing people and calling them ridiculous names. No i dont agree with what Mark Harrell done but I also think the the policemen could have handled it differently. I never heard anyone say that Mark was on meth.


Gotta love all these people thinking they would just walk up to any dangerous criminal in a situation like this and "apprehend him".


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