VIDEO: Outrage Over 'Brutality' After Cop's Tactic To Get Suspect In Car

A viral cell phone video showed a Montreal police officer picking up a suspect and shoving him in the back of a car.

Montreal, CANADA – A video of a Montreal police officer picking up a non-compliant suspect to stuff him into the back of a patrol car for transport has gone viral and generated criticism of the officer’s tactics (video below).

The incident occurred just after 5 a.m. on July 1 after police responded to a call about suspicious activity in a parking garage, according to the CBC.

A customer had alerted the restaurant next door to the parking garage, and they contacted the police.

Police arrived and arrested one young man, the CBC reported.

A passerby stopped to film the arrest on his cell phone.

Jahmensky Lubin told CBC that he was walking home from work when he came up on the scene and stopped to watch.

Lubin said he became suspicious because it seemed like police had frisked the man for an unusually long time, so he started filming the incident.

“Before I got there, it wasn't a violent situation," he told CBC.

The video began with two officers and the suspect standing by the open rear passenger door of the police car.

A split-second later, the male officer took the suspect to the ground and said something to him.

The man filming the video began heckling the police officers as soon as he started filming, the video showed. Most of the dialog in the video was in French, with a little English mixed in.

The suspect remained on the ground for less than 10 seconds before the male officer pulled him back up to his feet and stood him up next to the police vehicle again.

The video showed that the suspect, although he remained calm, resisted the officer’s attempts to get him to sit down in the back of the police car.

So the officer picked him up around the waist, turned the man parallel to the sidewalk, and quickly shoved him into the police car, the video showed.

The video showed the officer took care to make sure the car door would not hit the suspect in the head before he closed it.

But the man filming was still horrified.

“Yo, what the f--k are you doing? Are you stupid? Does that make sense?” Lubin yelled at the officer in English.

The officer took absolutely no notice of the man filming and criticizing him and jumped into the front passenger seat of the police car, ready to leave, the video showed.

Then the officer’s female partner approached Lubin and asked him to back away from the police car, CBC reported.

Lubin argued with her until the male officer got out of the car to back up his partner.

The officer told Lubin, in French, that they were there in response to a citizen complaint and then the video ended.

Lubin told the CBC that he thought the use of force was excessive.

Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officer Alain Babineau agreed that he thought the amount of force the Montreal officer used on the suspect "appears to be excessive at first sight."

Babineau now works for the Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR), according to CBC.

The former police officer said he thought the suspect could have been injured by the way the officer put him in the back of the patrol vehicle.

"You see a great deal of force in use by the police officers, and on someone who is much smaller and also handcuffed,” he told CBC.

The Montreal police refused to comment on the incident other than to say that it was under “analysis” by local police.

Watch video of the incident below:

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That was awesome and hilarious at the same time. Blacks have to make a scene out of every and anything.


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It looks like some of the "vibrant culture" of Detroit has crossed the border into Toronto.


While it is quite obvious that Jahmensky Lubin is just another clueless and ignorant moron, I'd be curious as to why "former" Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officer Alain Babineau is a "former" RCMP. Probably flunked Remedial Patrol Tactics 101.