VIDEO: Orlando Officer Under Investigation For Appearing In Rap Video

An Orlando officer is under investigation after he and his patrol car were prominently featured in a rap video.

​Orlando, FL – An internal investigation has been launched against an Orlando police officer, after he and his patrol vehicle were prominently featured in a rap video that was posted to YouTube (video below).

It was unclear whether the unnamed officer was aware that he was a part of a music video production, or if he agreed to participate ahead of time, WFTV reported.

The Glokk Nine video, titled “Armed & Dangerous,” showcased a group of young men armed with pistols, which they frequently waved around and pointed at the camera. One man wore a black mask that concealed much of his face.

They also flashed cash, and portrayed themselves selling marijuana, as they sauntered around a basketball court.

At one point in the video, they grabbed a man who appeared to be selling drugs out of a white backpack, and shoved him to the ground with their weapons pointed at his face.

They then stole his backpack, and one man held the dealer at gunpoint while he stole cash from his shoe.

The Orlando officer and his patrol car were prominently displayed at the onset of the video, and the camera cut back to clips of the men posturing and waving money around the vehicle throughout the video.

One man threw cash on the officer’s windshield, and later collected it.

Neither the officer nor the patrol car appeared in any of the scenes where the men were committing offenses or brandishing weapons.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said he learned of the video on Tuesday, according to WFTV.

“It's a situation where it’s out in the public so anyone can take pictures or video of our officers, but because of that video and because of the circumstances surrounding the video, I just want an internal investigation to see if any policies were violated,” Chief Mina said.

The officer featured in the video was still on duty.

WFTV said that Glokk Nine did not respond to their request for a comment regarding the officer’s appearance in the video.

You can try to make it through the video below:

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