VIDEO: One 'Injured' After Car Drives Through Protesters Blocking Road

Protesters jumped in front of a moving vehicle in Seattle on Friday as they protested building a new juvenile jail.

Seattle, WA – Protesters jumped in front of a moving vehicle in downtown Seattle on Friday evening, in an attempt to keep the driver from passing by them (video below).

“You will let us through!” a female passenger in the vehicle declared.

According to KING, the No New Youth Jail Campaign protesters began gathering at an intersection outside of King County Executive Dow Constantine’s office at approximately 8 a.m., and demanded that the city cease construction of a new youth court and detention center complex.

"It's disproportionately caging black and brown youth and we’re here to shut it down," one protester told KING.

Organizers of the event said that King County had been illegally collecting property taxes in order to construct the youth offender complex.

Many of the demonstrators blocked traffic, and some sat down in the middle of the traffic lanes, preventing motorists from making their morning commutes.

Other protesters locked armed inside pipes to hinder officers’ attempts to remove them, the Seattle PI reported.

The video showed the vehicle as it began to move through an open area in the street, and protesters quickly moved into the driver’s path.

At least one activist appeared to make an attempt to push the car backwards, while another began screaming wildly.

The video showed a protester as he reached into the open front passenger window, and hung from the slowly moving vehicle.

“Those kids killed my daughter, so get away!” the clearly frustrated woman in the passenger seat told the cameraperson.

One person was injured during the incident, KING reported.

Police rerouted traffic, and the protesters ultimately disbanded at approximately 2 p.m., after the protest migrated to the area of the Westin hotel.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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Get in front of my car and u will get run over! Dumb ass protestors! Maybe if parents would teach their kids the proper way a juvenile detention center would not need to b built! Stop blaming everyone else for ur kids F* ups!!!!!


They are speed bumps push on!


Can't stand protesters. Never stop! Reginald Denny did.


Step on the gas, keep your dumb ass on the side walk if you want to protest.


This protest should have never been allowed to block city streets. In fact, thanks to protection afforded them by the nutcase Seattle City Council, they blocked downtown streets for the better part of 8 hours.