VIDEO: Officers Fatally Shoot Fugitive, Ending Tri-State Armed Robbery Spree

Robert Schneider led police on a chase before officers fatally shot him as he tried to break into a home.

Westwood, OH – Police released bodycam video of officers fatally shooting a man the county prosecutor called a “human crime spree” in the tri-state area (video below).

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said 46-year-old Robert Schneider told officers he wouldn’t be taken alive before he was shot on July 31, WXIX reported.

Police said Schneider was wanted for the armed robbery of Hyde Park Wine and Spirits on July 29 and close to another dozen offenses committed in three different states over a two week period.

Court documents said that surveillance video from the liquor store robbery helped police positively identify Schneider as the perpetrator, WXIX reported.

Cincinnati Police Sergeant Eric Franz said Schneider was also wanted in connection with robberies at Saks 5th and Kimmy’s Korner Market in Covington, Kentucky.

On the day he was shot, police said Schneider robbed the Marathon gas station on Cheviot Road at gunpoint and then fled, causing police to chase him, WXIX reported.

Multiple agencies were involved in the pursuit, including the Hamilton County police helicopter.

Schneider eventually stopped his car and tried to escape on foot, WXIX reported.

He ran through a neighborhood waving a gun that he occasionally pointed at the police officers pursuing him.

Schneider tried to run into a house to hide, but was unable to get in.

As he pursued the suspect, Cheviot Police Officer Timothy Bittner ordered Schneider to drop his gun, but he ignored the officer’s commands.

Police said Officer Bittner fired one shot.

Schneider ran across the street to another house in search of an unlocked door, the video showed.

Police said the female homeowner at Geyer Woods Lane and Werk Road struggled with Schneider at her door but managed to keep it shut and prevent him from gaining entry, WXIX reported.

Delores Burton, who was home with her two grandchildren at the time, said the boom of Schneider’s fist on her door startled her, WCPO reported.

Burton told her grandchildren to go hide in a bedroom before she went to the door.

She said that Schneider pleaded for help from the other side of her door, WCPO reported.

"You got all the help coming down the street," Burton said she told Schneider.

The suspect began banging on the door and was able to briefly force it open before Burton got it slammed shut and locked, WCPO reported.

So he fired a gunshot through the window in the entryway to her home.

The video showed that Green Township Police Officer Barbara Aylward joined the chase when Schneider was trying to get into the second house, police said.

Officer Aylward fired three shots at Schneider and Officer Bittner fired once more.

The suspect was hit in the head and torso and dropped to the ground.

The video showed he was still clutching his gun when officers approached him after the shooting.

The county prosecutor said that Schneider’s gun was old, broken, and unloaded, according to WXIX.

“It was such a piece of crap,” Deters said of the gun. “Couldn’t even test it at the coroner’s office because they were afraid it would blow up.”

He said that officers who shot Schneider had been cleared and the shooting had been ruled justified.

“Person who was justifiably shot by police officers died this morning. Because officers have been cleared, we will release body cam and cruiser video today,” Deters said.

Watch Schneider’s crime spree in the videos below:

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"Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said 46-year-old Robert Schneider told officers he wouldn’t be taken alive before he was shot"

And thankfully Schneider was right. Well done officer 👍

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

"Schneider was shot three times - in the head, abdomen, and torso."

Three out of four is not bad, and if they all came from Aylward, he's batting 1000.

It's really a sad state of the mainstream media, when they constantly show so many anti-police videos that only depict the takedown of clearly-resisting and non-complying suspects, and not what led up to the use of force. Meanwhile, we have so many officers, like the officers in this video, bravely running into the face of potentially-lethal danger on a daily basis. Heroes, all of them.


Was this Schneider Dumb or Dumber? Too bad, so sad, we're all glad he's off the planet now. Nice work, LEO's.


ahhh, Byeeee


This officer did good. Used the tree for cover and was an amazing shot at that distance. For some reason it reminded me of Christmas 1980, while I was living in Daytona Beach. You never really know what is going to happen in a gunfight. We woke up to this on the radio. Amazing the old stuff you can find on the internet. First LEO to be shot in Daytona in 35 years...