VIDEO: Officer Walks Up To Car And Gets Immediately Greeted With Shotgun Blast

Officer Ryan Quanrud was greeted with a shotgun blast immediately after walking up to a car that he had stopped.

La Crescent, Minnesota - Police released video of an officer walking up to a car during a traffic stop and the driver opening fire with a shotgun, narrowly missing the policeman before speeding off in a July 31 incident. (Video below)

La Crescent Police Officer Ryan Quanrud and another office saw two men acting suspiciously at a convenience store and pulled their car over after they left the store, according to WXOW TV.

When Officer Quanrud approached the car, Wyatt Helfrich fired one shot from a shotgun towards the officer. Officer Quanrud was startled but moved back and then opened fire on the car.

Officer Christopher Frick had just showed up on scene, and helped pursue the suspects in a chase where speeds reached nearly 100 miles an hour.

The suspects then began firing at the officers during the pursuit.

Eventually, Helfrich and passenger William Wallraf had their vehicle’s tires punctured and the car went off the road. The two men then ran into a nearby cornfield with their weapons but were soon located and taken into custody.

Helfrich and Wallraf are in jail and face attempted first degree murder and assault charges.

“We just want the public to realize how incredibly close we came to losing at least one of our police officers that night," Houston County Sheriff Mark Inglett told WXOW TV.

"We live in a low crime area, but that doesn't mean these things can't happen and it is exactly why we train as hard as we do for these kinds of situations."

La Crescent Police Chief Doug Stavenua applauded his officers’ ability to sense something was wrong.

"Given the dynamic situation, first of all the ability to recognize something was wrong with the entire situation is admirable," Chief Stavenau said. "It prompted a traffic stop and from there it was kind of an ambush situation because the officers did not anticipate a firearm being discharged at them."

See the driver take shot at the officer with a shotgun in the video below:

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They showed much restraint in a cornfield in the dark of night! Not sure I would have been so forgiving.


It says the suspects were acting suspiciously, so the way people are targeting officers these days, I'm pretty sure as much as they want to, they can't be pulling out their guns on every suspicious car, or the public would really get pissed. As is it, so many people complain about officers appearing too militarized, so to approach a suspicious car with their gun drawn, even if it's behind them, they'd probably catch a lot of write ups and suspensions.

It seems that the "new" method of training officers is for them to be "guardians" instead of the "warrior" mentality - which will only get more killed. Laurens County Sheriff's Office Deputy Kyle Dinkheller (EOW: 1/12/98), who was previously reprimanded for pulling out his weapon - hesitated on one traffic stop - and was executed. Since I've been around LEO's since birth and have been to at least ten LEO funerals, I tell every LEO to NOT hesitate. In fact, I just lectured a very young deputy here after he told me how he almost got killed. His biggest hesitation was that he could see and hear the suspect's family yelling and begging him NOT to shoot the suspect. I told him, next time, picture YOUR own family yelling and begging YOU not to die - and shoot the sucker!" His wife and him just had another little baby girl about a week ago. So I really hope he listened to me.


No. When ever a car stop is done cop should have his gun out at the ready therefor the cop has the edge to get first shot on target . Cop has no idea why someone is speeding or if they may have commited a violent crime. Car stops are inherently dangerous stops. You living in detroit should know better


Bronc263, shoot tires out.then approach. Sound good? ,jkos, I'm a born Detroiter. Needed sidearm out because Judge Crockett demanded holsters not tied down to give perp " equal chance". Still the same?


Another reason the one riot on range motto of solo patrol is nonsense. 2 is one one is none. There is a reason in NYC we ride double. Its too dam dangerous to be riding around in the middle of downtown beruit.