VIDEO: Officer Takes Out Two Gunmen By Shooting Through Window During Pursuit

A Las Vegas Metro police officer took down two gunmen in a rolling gunfight which was captured on video.

Las Vegas, NV - Bodycam video has been released showing a rolling gunfight between a Las Vegas Metro police officer and two gunmen.

The incident happened eat around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday after officers received a report of a man who had been repeatedly shot in the chest, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

The shooting victim did not survive his injuries.

Officers were given the description of the gunman's vehicle, and they found a vehicle matching the description two hours later at 29th Street and Constantine Avenue.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and it sped off.

During the pursuit, at least one of the vehicle occupants fired on officers.

An officer was captured on his bodycam video returning fire through his windshield, then out of his driver's side window, which sent the driver crashing into the wall of the Hollingsworth Elementary School.

The officer exited his vehicle and continued throwing lead at the men.

22-year-old Fidel Miranda was destroyed in the gunfight. 30-year-old Rene Nunez was struck by the gunfire but fled before being arrested. Nunez is being treated for his gunshot wounds at University Medical Center.

Two police officers shot at the suspects during the pursuit, which is still under investigation.

Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said that the suspect had fired 34 rounds at officers during the rolling gun battle.

Assistant Sheriff Kelly added that the video shows the officers' bravery.

"The officer could have backed off, but he didn't," he said.

You can see the video of the shooting below. The officer returns fire at around the 3:15 mark. WARNING - May be disturbing to some viewers:

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There inevitably comes a time when the decision of public safety and absolute resolve must compromise ... Protection, Integrity, GutS! ... Anyone thinking about being a Cop? ... I'll pass! ... Just a side note : I know every street in this chase, I've lived in Vegas most all my life. At one point in the chase where Charleston and Eastern and Fremont Street intersect, they were 2 to 3 miles from downtown Fremont Street (Glitter Gulch) but the chase continued north on Eastern ... These guys definitely had to be taken out !!!


Wow, what an intense firefight! He did what needed to be done! From the press conference, It sounds like the department is going to back him up. He was on them as soon as the vehicle stopped, reloaded and re-engaged the target and he met the departments policy on shooting from a moving vehicle.


This Officer is a hero !!! The number of people that could have been killed by this maniac. This Officer did everything to stop this POS. Good work and God bless!


great job officer