VIDEO: Officer Takes Out Active Shooter Across Six Lanes Highway Traffic

A Tulsa police officer dispatched an active shooter when he fatally shot the suspect on the side of a busy highway.

Tulsa, OK – A Tulsa police officer fatally shot an active shooter after the armed man ran onto a busy freeway with his weapon and began firing at random cars (video below).

The incident began at about 6:30 p.m. on May 10 when officers responded to a call about an active shooter at a strip mall in the 4900-block of South Peoria Avenue, Tulsa World reported.

Tulsa police said witnesses warned that 25-year-old Derrec Shaw was “acting erratic and strange” when he left his residence earlier in the evening.

The entire incident was captured by bodycam and began as officers were being dispatched to the scene, Tulsa World reported.

Bodycam showed the officer driving the police car grabbing his patrol rifle in preparation for arriving at the scene.

When the officers pulled up in the alley behind the strip mall, they stopped their police car and ran the rest of the way to the scene.

The video showed they encountered a large group of panicked people in the alley who had just escaped out the back door of a Cici’s Pizza after the shooter had come in through the front door and opened fire.

In the video, the officer called for backup to assist with the victims as employees and patrons pointed him in the direction that Shaw had run.

Police later learned that at that point, the suspect had already shot a motorist in the shoulder and another man in the chin, Tulsa World reported.

Bodycam showed the officer ran through the nearly-empty pizza restaurant and out the front door, as bystanders continued to point him in the direction the gunman had fled.

He ran around two sides of the strip mall and then witnesses in the parking lot told him the suspect had run towards Interstate 44 and was shooting at vehicles, the video showed.

As the officer ran, he advised dispatch to “hold traffic, hold traffic – he’s got a gun.”

The video showed the officer crossed over the access road and ran up the berm to take a position along a concrete barrier, facing the highway.

Less than two seconds later, he fired two shots across six lanes of busy highway, the video showed.

Shaw was hit and dropped to the pavement on the far side of the road with his gun beside him. No other vehicles or people were hit by the officer’s well-placed gunshots.

Bodycam showed the officer ran across the first three lanes of traffic, dodging oncoming cars and trucks, to get to the median strip, where the camera showed the suspect was down in the emergency lane on the other side of three more lanes of traffic.

“Okay, suspect is down,” the officer told the dispatcher.

“Stay on the ground. Stay on the ground and let me see your hands!” the officer yelled at Shaw as he kept his weapon on the suspect.

“Suspect is down. Can’t see his hands. I got a gun right next to him,” he told the dispatcher.

Then a Good Samaritan stopped to try to help the downed man on the side of the road and the officer yelled at her to get away from Shaw.

At that point, other officers started arriving on the highway median to back up the officer who had shot the suspect.

Additional units arrived and began stopping the highway traffic as officers rushed across lanes of the freeway to surround Shaw and take him into custody, the video showed.

The officer who shot Shaw spotted EMS stuck in traffic approaching the scene and ran to wave them through, the video showed.

Shaw was pronounced dead at the scene, Tulsa World reported.

The officer’s tactics were met with some criticism in the wake of the incident by people who didn't like how he took out an active shooter.

But the officer's department backed him up.

A Tulsa Police Department public information officer told Tulsa World that the department has no protocols for what officers should do on highways.

The police department said that the officer followed his training during the incident, despite the fact he shot across six lanes of highway and then dashed into traffic, Tulsa World reported.

Tulsa police also said that the officer hadn’t had time to identify himself before he opened fire on Shaw, but that even if he had, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome and might have put more civilians in jeopardy.

The officer who shot Shaw was placed on paid administrative leave as is protocol for all officer-involved shootings, Tulsa World reported.

The name of the officer was withheld pending an investigation by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office.

Watch the incident unfold at 6:10 in the video below. WARNING - Graphic Content.

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That's a badass man right there, ran all that way and was still able to take a clean shot.


Great Shot, And The Officer Gets to Go Home.


Good job, thankful that no one else got hurt, and the officer clearly knew SOP afterwards..

John Chapman
John Chapman

Outstanding job. Just flat-out OUTSTANDING!


way to use that equipment..great job