VIDEO: Officer Dragged In Intense Bodycam Video

Jose 'Chico' Camacho dragged an officer while fleeing an arrest for an outstanding warrant

Brooklyn, OH – Cleveland police officers arrested a 33-year-old man who dragged a police officer with his car while fleeing a traffic stop March 29 (video below.)

Police said Jose “Chico” Camacho has a long history of drug abuse and authorities said he was armed and dangerous, according to WOIO-TV.

The video was released by the Brooklyn Police Department. It showed Camacho pleading with the officer not to be arrested for an outstanding warrant. Camacho was in a 2000 gold Honda Accord LX.

“Do I have to get out?” Camacho asked the police officer.

“Yeah, you have to get out,” the officer responded.

The officer told Camacho he had a warrant out on him. Camacho said it was a misdemeanor.

The officer grabbed Camacho by the wrist and threatened to use a Taser on him if he didn’t stop resisting and get out of the vehicle. Instead, Camacho repeatedly pleaded with the officer to let him go.

The dashcam video showed the officer appear to be dragged into the car as Camacho pulled away.

The officer’s legs dangled out of the driver’s seat as the car moved forward and when Camacho paused, the officer was able to regain his footing.

However, Camacho sped up and did a U turn and dragged the officer again until the officer let go and tumbled onto the ground.

The officer suffered a dislocated shoulder while being dragged. He was treated and released at the hospital.

Camacho was charged with felony assault on a police officer. His bond was set at $100,000.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

hanging onto a vehicle as it starts to move is not the same thing as being dragged.

Wade Ryan
Wade Ryan

The officer wasn't hanging on to the vehicle he was partially in it attempting to get Chico out of the car.

I certainly hope the police officer has healed well from this terrible situation.

As for Chico, I think the hundred-thousand-dollar Bond will keep him where he belongs... In a cage.


Too much talking by the cop. Should just tazed his ass off the bat. Cops spend too much time talking. Once they resist taze his ass.


had this officer died no one would have protested, but had this officer used his tazer or gun all hell would have broke loose!. hope he never gets out.


Your comments are not the same as real grown people comments.