VIDEO: NYPD Officer Has Violent Meltdown In Chocolate Shop, 'Blood And Chocolate All Over'

A New York City probationary police officer was arrested Monday after causing a melee in a Godiva chocolate shop in the Stamford Town Center.

Stamford, CT – A New York City probationary police officer was arrested Monday after causing a melee in a Godiva chocolate shop in the Stamford Town Center.

Video of the incident was recorded by an employee’s brother and posted to YouTube (video below.)

The video shows shows 30-year-old Officer Amanda Villafane having an angry meltdown, after her mother was unable to open the store’s door at closing time.

She was filmed chasing the employees around the shop, threatening them, punching her fists in the air, and generally wreaking havoc.

Her companion could be seen using his hands to push her back in the video, when it appears she was trying to physically attack someone.

Ralph Jimenez, who recorded the incident, said he believed Officer Villafane felt her mother had been disrespected.

She became angry when a store employee told her mother that she should have realized the store was closed by the amount of force it took to open the door, according to the Stamford Advocate.

Stamford Police Sgt. Robert Shawinsky, reading from the police report, said responding officers arrived on the scene and “found blood and chocolate all over the floor.”

The video shows Officer Villafane screaming and yelling at store employees, threatening them, and even removing her outer shirt, a move that usually means a person is getting ready to fight.

“I will knock you the f**k out,” soon-to-be-former-probationary Officer Villafane could be heard shouting in the video.

Her companion, Christopher Salvatore, allegedly punched Jimenez in the face when he saw him recording the incident on his phone, according to Raw Story.

Stamford Police officers responding to the Godiva chocolate shop’s 911 call were met by an enraged Officer Villafane.

The soon to be former probationary officer fought arresting officers, and had to be taken to the ground to be handcuffed, according to the police report.

Officer Villafane faces charges of resisting arrest, threatening, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Her companion was charged with assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

You can see the video of the incident.

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Need serious anger management counseling ... behind bars!


This is all due to ray ray kelly former pc. He threw the character requirement out the window and went to hiring cops based on race. Doesnt matter you have been collared or have some criminal record. Have to make the job more diversified. You can be as fat as you want, have criminal past and bad background character all in the name of diversity. What ever happened to hiring people based on skillset and great character. When you become a cop you a cop to all the people not just to certain race or ethnic group. We all live by same laws so why would hiring a hispanic or a black make the policing any different. The law is the law. Laws are not based on race based on criminal acts. Hire people based on great character. This is what happens when you hire based on race and not background. Cops like this give the hard working rule following cop anbad name to other depts. Not all NYPD COPS are ass holes like this cop. Straight up ghettofied never should of been hired. .


People want to be a police officer for many reasons. Most for all the right reasons, because they want to help and protect. A small few because it is a power trip. Luckily this one filtered herself out before she caused a severe issue and embarrassment to law enforcement. Or she managed to hide her temper from the psych evaluation. Or both.