VIDEO: NYPD Investigating After Outrage Over Viral Arrest Video

Sandy Malone

NYPD is investigating the circumstances behind a viral video of an arrest that took place in Canarsie on Wednesday.

Brooklyn, NY – The New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating the circumstances of an arrest behind a viral video filmed in Canarsie on Wednesday (video below).

NYPD Sergeant Jessica McRorie told Blue Lives Matter in an email that the incident occurred at about 7 p.m. on March 4 as anti-crime officers from the 69th Precinct were patrolling the 100% Playground located on Glenwood Road between East 100th Street and East 101 Street in Brooklyn.

Sgt. McRorie said that officers saw two men smoking a lit marijuana cigarette inside the park and approached them.

The suspects fled and the officers pursued them, WABC reported.

Police caught up with the men eventually.

Sgt. McRorie said officers issued a summons to one of the men and arrested the other.

The arrest was captured on a bystander’s cell phone and the video quickly went viral.

The video showed a plain clothes officer detaining a man in Champion sweatpants, later identified as 20-year-old Fitzroy Gayle, WPIX reported.

Although the suspect had not been put in handcuffs, the officer appeared to be trying to detain him up against a fence while he waited for backup.

The video showed Gayle argued with the officer the entire time.

“Yo, I didn’t commit any crimes,” he insisted.

“Stop moving,” the officer said in the video.

“Yo bro, stay still,” the woman filming the interaction chipped in.

The suspect continued trying to move away from the officer and the officer eventually took his Taser out of its holster, although he never pointed it at Gayle, the video showed.

“What did I do? What did I do?” the suspect asked over and over again.

“I did not do anything. He saw me in the park and he started following me,” Gayle told the woman who was filming in what appeared to be an effort to build support.

The video showed Gayle argued with the officer and got close up in his face.

“Will you answer my question? Look at me in my eyes. I’m talking to you,” he told the officer in the video.

The video showed the officer remained calm and continued to hold the man in place with one hand.

“Tell me what crime did I commit. Tell me!” Gayle demanded as the video showed he became more agitated.

The officer kept the Taser in his hand but it was pointed at the ground.

“Stop moving,” the officer ordered the man for a second time.

“Are you about to shoot me with that Taser?” Gayle asked. “Cuz I don’t have a weapon on me. What crime did I commit?

That was when backup arrived, and the video showed about a half-dozen officers ran over to assist the first officer with the non-compliant suspect.

An officer went to take the suspect into custody and he immediately began resisting arrest, the video showed.

The video showed the suspect screaming and fighting as more officers joined the melee to help get him into custody.

Six officers were struggling to get Gayle prone on the pavement when the video ended.

Gayle was charged with resisting arrest, second-degree obstructing governmental administration, and second degree unlawful possession of marijuana, NYPD Detective Denise Moroney told Blue Lives Matter.

The Crisis Action Center called the incident a case of “police brutality” and organized a protest in front of the 69th Precinct on Thursday afternoon, WPIX reported.

The organization has called for Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez to investigate the incident.

“Every officer needs to be held accountable,” Crisis Action Center Director Rev. Kevin McCall told WPIX.

Sgt. McRorie told Blue Lives Matter that NYPD was conducting an internal review of the incident.

Watch video of the arrest here below:

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When are they going to learn, you can argue all you want in cuffs, until them, we aren't discussing shit

No. 1-22

Cue up the ghetto lottery..

I honestly believe that some of these are set up to be shot with a friend holding a phone to get a nice clear video.. then posted online.
Cue up the outrage and false accusations and claims of police brutality..

Then close family and friends saying ..

He din do nothin.. I jus walking!?!!

File lawsuit against city and police...

Get massive payout. Getto lottery.


Holding court on the street. A new entitlement.


“Yo, I didn’t commit any crimes,”

That's when you KNOW you got the right guy. (Also when he says, "I dindo nuttin'!)

538 central K
538 central K

Well unfortunately these anti crime cops are going to be thrown to the street activists by police commissioner, the mayor, and cop hating media like ch 5 fox news in nyc, and snowflake loving abc news.

Its over boys and girls. They dont want you out there engaging suspicious people.
They want the inner city to collapse and
The locals to just be submitable to the city and its puppet masters.

These cops had reasonable suspicion to engage a stop. They fled on first sight of pd in the dark no lights of the park.

Problem is this kid new this guy was a cop.
Refuse to stop and settle down and wait for uniform back up to arrive. Instead he resisted being detained, all the way till he hit the ground and still kept flaring his arms.

Now the Nypd commisioner, Mayor, and police hating media, has already convicted these cops. Due process for illegals, due process for criminals, never due process for the street cop.

Let it all burn boys and girls.
They dont want policing. They want glorified security guards with no powers and allow
The street savage to rein over the populace.

Disengage folks in blue. Hang up the gun belt
And break out your pens and just write uf61’s of crimes and move on to next job.

Policing saw its sunset when the job got federal monitor, force investigation squad to hunt cops, body cams, and spineless bosses like pc shea. Who is going sacrifice these cops because he wants to be at the adult table with De Blasio.

All you cops in boro crime, srg citywide crime, pct crime units, go back to patrol.
The music will stop and you too will not have a chair to sit in.

Dont throw your career away for a thankless city and dept who cares more about image, and what mayor thinks instead of having your back.

So all you boys and girls who continue to play 1990s street crime and get jammed up for doing your job, you only have your self to blame.

Hang it up folks.

Go back to patrol and just pick up bs jobs from the zero liability voters in crime ridden sections of the city.

Let it all implode and burn.

Give them the hands off policing they demand.

City is already on fire.

Just wait till may when city will look like Beirut when all the perps are completely released early from state prison and chaos is reining because committing crimes you dont do time.

Just sit back and laugh. Because you don't live in the city they destroyed.


looks like a good day for the cops. nothing here, just business as usual with some jerkoff!!


Wall off NYC, California, and the southern border.


Every officer should call in sick for a few days. All these people who like standing around making videos of police officers would be wishing there was a cop around when the hood rats they've been saying the cops are picking on are out there robbing, raping and murdering them with no police to stop them.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday



I would have expected Velvet to be more understanding lol

Truth Man 102
Truth Man 102

I was a MOS. Glad I am long gone. It is sad to see how far left the DEMS have become. I remember Ed Koch saying at graduation in 1987......if you do your jobs right I will back you 100%. Today he would be a Republican with that mentality. He loved his cops. It’s a shame current MOS will never know that feeling. Be careful Lady’s and Gents. The Perps are running the city!! And the PC who may be a good guy. Is neutered by virtue of the position by the perp that appointed him!!


He resisted arrest. if he hadn't resisted arrest, none of this would have happened. the arrestees were observed smoking marijuana (which is still a crime, despite what people think; if you don't like the law, change the law, but you can't just ignore it).

He will threaten to sue, the city will cut a ghetto lottery ticket to them, and try to discipline the cops despite them not going anything wrong. and ignorant people will protest their actions, because they were clearly chased because of their race (their observed drug use will slip their selective memory).

Seen this story play out in NYC too many times in recent memory


Those videoing then broadcasting on the net should be held accountable for not having the whole story told. In this case had no idea how it got to the point where or why the officer detained him. The onlookers always yell out things only to fuel the situation where the detainees kick into a dramatic act for the cameras only to push there false narrative. Many cases are only for an attempt to get rich quick off of the taxpayers that most don't even contribute to.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Seen this annoying facebook commercial on television?

I think there are some similarities.

The Left is pushing this kind of uncivil behavior in all aspects of society.

Got a free ride at a expensive university studying Art History? Class gets too tough? Simply give up, disrespectfully disrupt class, and walk out with your knickers in a twist...


This is a direct result of the idea that minorities should be able to break laws with impunity. No arrests for theft, no arrests for illegal drugs... because if they do.. why, it’s RACISTS! Charging these police officers for police brutality is akin to anarchy. They should, instead, be rewarded for having enough patience not to knock this punk out with a night stick. Don’t break the law and you won’t get arrested. NY and CA are the birthplace of American anarchy. The only way I would live in either would be if I were a common criminal.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

The article above leaves out some important facts...

The officers were responding to an automated alert to gunshots.

Gayle had fled officers who approached him and another man as they were smoking marijuana in a park around 7 pm.

The second man, whom police have not identified, was not arrested and was issued a summons.


He was charged with resisting, obstruction and possession. Oh wait.....apparently laws don't apply to black people. Start the ghetto lottery.😝☹👎


Drug screening of cops for steroids should be implemented immediately, nationwide. I've been living in Jersey for 25 years now and I have never encountered a more angry, jacked up bunch of bullying liars in my life.


Your a big mouth keyboard warrior I see.

538 central K
538 central K


You are fucking skell shut the fuck up. Go back to cnn.


Just because he screams like a baby doesn’t mean he’s actually hurt

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

An automated alert on a police computer is easier to fake than a 911 call after a disturbing video, captured by a civilian, turns up.