VIDEO: NYPD Chief Praises Cop For Using Taser To Disarm Man With Gun

When Juan Mendez confronted NYPD officers with a gun in his hand, neither of them drew their duty weapons.

New York, NY – Rank-and-file officers and the New York Police Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (NYSBA) are pointing to the tactics used during a recent run-in with an armed suspect as evidence that the city’s mayor and police commissioner have caused officers to hesitate in situations warranting deadly force (video below).

“Cops don’t want to pull their gun even if their lives are on the line,” one officer told the New York Daily News.

The concerns were raised after the recent release of a 26-second bodycam video showing New York Police Department (NYPD) officers’ Dec. 22, 2018 encounter with 29-year-old Juan Mendez.

The officers were dispatched to a report of a man with a gun on West 129th Street at approximately 10:30 p.m., the New York Daily News reported.

The officers entered a building and stepped into a hallway, where they were immediately met by Mendez, who was holding a gun at his side, the video showed.

“What is that, man?” one officer asked, as Mendez walked towards them in the confined hallway.

“What is that – don’t f--k with us, man!” he warned, Taser in hand.

The second officer then pulled out his pepper spray, just as the initial officer deployed his Taser.

“The cop covering the officer with the Taser should have, at the very least, pulled out his weapon,” one officer told the New York Daily News. “Instead, he pulled his pepper spray. What would that have done if this guy started shooting?”

The officers immediately took Mendez into custody on charges of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Investigators ultimately determined that the weapon Mendez was holding was an air pistol, New York Police Chief Terence Monahan said.

“It was actually great the way it turned out,” Chief Monahan said. “We were able to take him out and end the threat using nonlethal [force].”

Chief Monahan noted that such incidents “happen in seconds.”

“They made a decision and luckily everything worked out good,” he added.

While the chief might have been pleased with the tactics used during the encounter, other NYPD officers and the NYSBA were not.

“The cop who pulled out the pepper spray... no one wants to ride with him because of what happened,” one officer said.

He further explained that officers in the field are “afraid to pull their gun” because of the way New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill treated a NYPD sergeant who fatally shot a woman who tried to hit him with a bat in 2016, the New York Daily News reported.

Commissioner O’Neill said that Sergeant Hugh Barry and the entire NYPD “failed” the woman – even though she was trying to kill Sgt. Barry when he used deadly force against her.

Sgt. Barry was subsequently charged with second-degree murder.

The case went to trial, and he was acquitted in February of 2018. Yet, the city still paid the attempted-cop killer’s family $2 million.

“Bringing a taser to a gunfight WILL GET COPS KILLED. ITS NOT HOW WE TRAIN,” the NYSBA tweeted after the video of officer’s run-in with Mendez was released.

“This is a result of ANTI POLICE POLICIES & lack of SUPPORT from the Mayor & Police Commissioner. COPS ARE HESITANT thanks to ONeill’s & his ‘WE FAILED’ statement on Sgt Barry’s life threatening shooting,” the post read.

You can watch bodycam footage of the officer’s encounter with Mendez in the video below:

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There is a lot of luck at play here. I'm glad it all turned out the way it did, but it all could have gone bad. Very bad. We have seen situations where a person was high on meth, or such, and the taser was ineffective. The officer took a chance that he could defuse the situation with his taser. I'm glad for all that it worked out.


Should have given him a 3rd eye , next time he'll shoot a cop . And these cops will feel like shit , because they had their chance to rid him of the world.


Rewarding criminals families and punishing police officers, just results in more criminals and more dead or injured police officers. Let our Leos do their jobs! When they hesitate, for fear of punishment they die or are injured!


Every circumstance is different. If the gun is at the suspect’s side his posture & mannerisms may be confident but not threatening, he appears nonaggressive, mentally impaired or mentally vacant I can see preparing to & deploying the taser, however the second officer should have of course drawn his sidearm & pointed it directly at the suspect preparing for immediate use. We certainly don’t want to kill any more innocent homeowners or good samaritans, preparations to shoot are essential, however extreme trigger control & extreme trigger restraint are also essential. Citizens have the right to concealed-carry and self protection just like officers. We are the good guys helping the citizen good guys. We need to go to extreme lengths to protect citizens just like we do ourselves. We cannot just say, “He’s got a gun, open fire!” That is what has happened in several recent incidents that got innocents killed. Hone your skills now. Run scenarios in your head over & over. Be ready, be quick but be smart. Identify & assess. It could save an innocent person’s life, your job and possibly years in prison. Stay safe out there.


Our firearms training staff continually preaches to us in in-service training about using the appropriate level of force against a threat.