VIDEO: NFL Player Loses Fight With Cop Half His Size

Surveillance video showed NFL defensive lineman Malik McDowell fighting with police officers in a convenience store.

Lathrup Village, MI – Surveillance video from a gas station showed National Football League (NFL) defensive lineman Malik McDowell brawling with a police officer half his size after he was stopped for drunk driving (video below).

The incident occurred in February when a Lathrup Village police officer stopped McDowell for speeding during a snowstorm, according to the Detroit Free Press.

TMZ released interior and exterior video footage from the Marathon gas station on West 12 Mile in Southfield where McDowell stopped.

The video began as the football player was standing near the doors of the convenience store, as if to go inside.

“Have a seat in your car, sir,” the officer told McDowell multiple times before the big man complied.

McDowell opened the driver’s door of his vehicle, and then shut it and opened the back door of the SUV and sat down in the backseat facing out.

The officer requested backup over his radio, and then he approached the SUV and asked McDowell for his license, registration, and insurance.

McDowell immediately asked for a supervisor in a slurred voice, the video showed.

The officer told the football player that he was the supervisor on the shift, and McDowell asked what he had stopped him for.

“For going about 60 down south here, and then you just spun out right there,” the officer told him.

“No I haven’t,” McDowell argued.

“I just saw ya and it’s on camera. I need your license, registration and proof of insurance, sir,” the officer told him.

“You need to show me some proof. I need your insur- uh, I need your peoples. I need your supervisor,” McDowell told the officer.

The video showed that the football player wasn’t making sense as he argued with the officer and demanded over and over to see a supervisor.

That’s when McDowell got out of the car and tried to go into the convenience store.

The officer, who was about a foot shorter than the six-foot-six-inch, 300-pound man, tried to stop him, the video showed.

The officer grabbed on to McDowell’s arm, but the big man kept barreling forward with the officer still hanging on.

He went into the store, and down an aisle, with the officer still clutching onto his left arm, the video showed.

When the officer tried to take McDowell into custody and threatened to Taser the massive man, the fight was on.

The officer struggled with the NFL player in the aisle but amazingly, the drunken football player lost his footing and ended up on the ground near the front door.

The officer drew his Taser and pointed it at the football player.

The video showed that McDowell refused to lay down on his stomach as ordered by the officer, and instead sat on his butt and again began demanding to see a supervisor.

“On your stomach or you’re going to get Tased,” the officer warned McDowell. “You’re fit to be Tased. You’re fit to be Tased!”

He warned McDowell he was going to Taser him multiple more times and then yelled “Taser, Taser, Taser!” and deployed the less-lethal weapon.

The tell-tale snap of the Taser is heard, and the video showed McDowell had a mild look of annoyance on his face for a moment.

Then, as if he just realized the officer had zapped him, he jumped up and lunged at the officer.

They brawled, knocking down store displays of products and sending apples and oranges rolling all over the floor, the video showed.

The struggle went out of the camera’s frame for a moment but when the two returned, McDowell was on the floor and the officer was on top of him.

That’s when backup arrived, and video showed that a female officer jumped in to assist in taking the football player into custody.

Together, the officers managed to handcuff the big man and then two more officers arrived and grabbed McDowell to walk him to a police car.

But McDowell wasn’t going to go peacefully, the video showed.

He fought the officers trying to take him through the doorway until two more officers arrived and helped pull him outside.

Then the four officers escorted McDowell to a vehicle for transport, the video showed.

McDowell was arrested and charged with drunk driving, assaulting a police officer, and driving with a suspended license, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The brawl with officers left the gas station with $1,500 in “heavy, extensive damage,” according to the police report.

The professional football player has never actually been on the field during an NFL game.

He was a second-round draft pick by the Seattle Seahawks in 2017, but then he was injured in an ATV accident and missed his entire rookie season, according to the Detroit Free Press.

While he was on the Seahawk’s injury list in December of 2017, McDowell was arrested at an Atlanta nightclub “after he allegedly flipped out at a club over money he thought he was owed."

As officers were trying to put him in the back of a police car, he launched a profanity-laced tirade at them and told them how much more money he had than them.

McDowell was waived by the Seattle Seahawks in July of 2018 and has remained a free agent, although TMZ reported that he had a visit with the Dallas Cowboys in March.

In April, McDowell was arrested again and charged with receiving and concealing a stolen Ford F150 pickup truck, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Watch the officer grapple with the much bigger football player in the video below:

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There's that National Felons League again.... maybe Kapernick can get the jerk a job with Nike or Starbucks.


I always like when people demand a supervisor as though they're going to take their side.

K-9 319
K-9 319

Sometime size doesn't matter. I worked an overtime detail at a basket ball game. During the game, an individual, who was about 6foot 2 and 200 lbs began to harass a young girl and her boyfriend, who was tall, but about 115 lbs. They took the abuse for about 15 minutes, and the girl got up to go to the concession stand, walking past the harasser. As she passed he grabbed her butt. Mr. skinny had had enough, he got up walked up to the individual and gave him a right cross, knocking him out. He was rewarded with a standing ovation from the crowd and we carried him out and ejected him from the arena.


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

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Buck, ...and just to be safe we need to include :

You can take the "X" out of the "Y" , but cant take the "Y" out of the "X".


He needs more than a Supervisor. He needs some brains.