VIDEO: NFL Player Flattens Bouncers, Fights Cops In Bar Brawl

Dallas Cowboy Tyrone Crawford fought with bouncers and and police in a bar brawl captured on video.

Panama City Beach, FL – The Dallas Cowboys defensive captain was caught on video fighting with bouncers and police officers at the Coyote Ugly Saloon in Panama City Beach (video below).

National Football League (NFL) defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford, 29, was prominently featured in a video filmed by another customer’s cell phone, TMZ reported.

The incident occurred when Crawford involved himself in a fight between other patrons at the bar on March 15.

The professional football player was one of as many as 10 customers involved in the bar fight that spilled out into the street, according to TMZ.

The video of the kerfuffle showed the six-foot-four-inch, 290-pound defensive end fighting with numerous bouncers inside the bar.

In the video, Crawford wrestled with one bouncer and then threw two others off of him.

Then a group of about five bouncers sporting red “Ugly Security” t-shirts tried to take down the Cowboy, but he tossed them off like they were small children, the video showed.

When police arrived on the scene, Crawford continued fighting.

He pushed aside two police officers and then put his hands on two more who were in the process of arresting another patron involved in the bar fight, TMZ reported.

There were multiple injuries sustained and one Coyote Ugly Saloon employee suffered a broken nose.

Although the entire incident was captured on the bar’s security cameras, Crawford was not arrested, TMZ reported.

NFL officials visited the bar after the story broke on TMZ to try and get copies of the surveillance video from the night of the incident, but it wasn’t known if the league was successful.

Despite the fact that he was not arrested, the Dallas Cowboy could still face discipline under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy for players and staff.

The NFL has previously disciplined players who were not charged, arrested, or convicted, but had embarrassed the league, TMZ reported.

Neither the NFL nor the Dallas Cowboys have commented on the incident involving Crawford.

Crawford is originally from Windsor, Canada where he played three varsity sports in high school and was voted first team all-conference.

He was a star player in college for Boise State, and a third-round draft pick by the Cowboys in the 2012 draft.

Crawford has made 22 sacks in six seasons, and made his career high of 5.5 sacks during the 2018 season.

He signed a five-year, $45 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys in September of 2015 that included a $10 million signing bonus, ESPN reported.

Watch the football player plow through the security staff in the video below:

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I love stories like this. They give little meat of the story, a grainy video and the rest of the story is about how much he makes and all his stats from high school until now.


Men on "supplements & the like" generally have the edge. Very few can remain so "manly" once off the gridiron. Note impressed!!!

Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant

Seems there is more going on off the field than on it.


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