VIDEO: Neighbor Demands Veteran Remove 'Symbol Of Hate,' Doesn't Go Over Well

"That flag right there? That flag ain't comin' down," the Air Force veteran said of his anonymous neighbor's threat.

Bozeman, MT – A United States Air Force veteran defended his right to fly the American flag outside his residence on Tuesday afternoon, after he says an anonymous neighbor left a threatening note on his front door (video below).

“Man, I don’t even know where to start,” Justin Schroeder, 36, said in a Facebook Live video. “I’ve met some stupid people in my lifetime, but this takes the cake.”

As he sat on the front porch of his home, Schroeder explained that he had just returned from running errands to find an anonymous letter taped to his front door.

“Dear neighbor,” he read aloud from the note. “I am disgusted you would fly this symbol of hate.”

Schroeder then panned the camera towards an American flag waving in the breeze on the front of his home.

“Judging by the trucks in your driveway, I can only assume you voted for Trump,” he continued reading, before he showed viewers the vehicles parked nearby.

“This is a disgusting house, and Bozeman deserves better,” Schroeder read, before interjecting a quick response.

“You’re right – it does. Pack your s--t and leave,” he commented.

The anonymous note-writer then issued a threat.

“If not taken down by tonight, I will take it down myself,” Schroeder read from the letter. “This is not a fight you want. We will win. Sincerely, your neighbor.”

Schroeder crumpled up the message and dropped the note to the ground before he issued his response.

“I’ve met some stupid f--king people in my lifetime, but I can tell you right now, that flag right there? That flag ain’t comin’ down,” he vowed.

Schroeder then walked out into the street and noted that he had just come to realize that he was the only person on his street who chose to fly an American flag outside their home.

Schroeder said he was “mind blown” that some “dips--t" would the “f--king audacity” to come onto his property to issue such a threat.

“I just don’t get it,” he said, shaking his head. “This flag is a symbol of freedom.”

He noted that just a few days prior, people were lighting off fireworks in celebration of Independence Day.

“This flag flies year-round at my house,” Schroeder said. “It will never come down.”

“And to the person that thinks they’re gonna try to take it down?” he added. “I’ll break your f--king fingers.”

The military veteran’s video had over 700,000 views and had been shared over 19,000 times as of Thursday afternoon.

“It’s been unreal the amount of support I’ve gotten from people,” Schroeder told Blue Lives Matter on Wednesday.

A stranger came to his house to drop off a new American flag, just in case the “neighbor” decided to make good on his threat to steal his, he said in amazement.

That second flag now hangs in a front window of his home.

Others offered to come “camp” outside his residence to protect him and the flag, and many people urged him to turn the matter over to police for his own safety.

“There’s no reason to bother the police,” Schroeder, whose father retired from the U.S. Border Patrol after 33 years of service, told Blue Lives Matter. “They’ve got bigger things to deal with.”

In addition to the positive feedback, Schroeder said he has also received a notable number of “death threats” and negative comments.

“It doesn’t phase me,” he said dismissively. “Somebody got triggered… If I was that person, I’d be hiding under a rock right now.”

He said he did make a couple of adjustments in the wake of the letter.

“The solution is pretty simple. I just moved the flag 10 feet higher. Somebody’s going to notice some guy walking down the street with a ladder,” Schroeder told Blue Lives Matter.

He has also installed some hidden security cameras, but nothing suspicious has shown up on them so far.

“Feel free to have your freedom of speech, but this crosses the line,” Schroeder said of the incident. “The American flag, to me, is a symbol of love. And I love my country.”

You can watch Schroeder's viral response below:

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"I don't want to bother the police" in this case means, "I don't want anyone to notice my handwriting matches the note"


What absolutely blows my mind is how some liberal people, such as this disgruntled neighbor, are so judgmental towards Republicans & Trump supporters & display aggressive behavior, yet they protest against violence & claim to exercise fair rights for all. They are the most hypocritical that is the exact definition of a hypocrite! If they deserve the right to voice their opinion or to bear a rainbow flag, any flag, or no flag, then why don't we deserve the right to bear the very flag that allows them to do exactly what they're doing & exercising their rights?! Who are they to choose what we can & cannot do....after all isn't that exactly what they're protesting, which is not having someone dictate what they can & cannot represent? I cannot fathom how their thought process absolutely makes zero sense whatsoever!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Have we seen a copy of the alleged note? Trust, but verify, etc. Would like to see everything the note actually says. It is possible that this guy is a whack job.


Even we bleeding heart liberals love the flag. This story is 100% bullshit. Russia much?

Bob H.
Bob H.

SO let me get this straight , we've got a clown using the BAMN motto ( derived from Malcolm X) and a buncha Keyboard warriors running their yaps. I gotta laugh at the whole bunch of those particular triggered pusillanimous snowflake pussies. And what you lot that are castigating this man forget is that their are tens of thousands of other veterans within driving range of Bozeman that will willingly drive there to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in defense of that flag. And before y'all decide to run your yaps at ME , talk is a cheap commodity. To those clowns I say MOLON LABE.