VIDEO: MS-13 Member, Out On Bail For Attempted Murder, Kills Rival At NYC Subway

MS-13 gang member Ramiro Gutierrez was out on bail for attempted murder when he killed rival gang member Abel Mosso.

Queens, NY – The MS-13 murder of a rival gang member was captured by a bystander with a cell phone on Sunday (video below).

The gunman, known MS-13 gang member Ramiro Gutierrez, was out on bail for attempted murder and conspiracy when he carried out the attack, The New York Times reported.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:45 p.m., when a scuffle broke out on the 7 train along the route to Manhattan.

When the train doors slid open at the 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue station, the men tumbled out onto the platform, and began wrestling on the ground.

Cell phone footage showed three individuals fighting on the pavement for several seconds as bystanders tried to pull them apart.

One subject ultimately stood up and pulled out a handgun, then fired the weapon approximately six times, the video showed.

The victim, 20-year-old 18th Street gang member Abel Mosso, was hit in the face by several bullets, The New York Times reported.

Mosso died at the scene.

Police circulated still photographs taken from area security cameras to help identify 26-year-old Gutierrez, who fled the scene.

He has since been apprehended.

“Our @nypddetectives have a known gang member in custody in regard to this incident,” the New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed in a tweet on Monday.

A second suspect, who was wearing a scarf over his face and a gray sweatshirt, has not yet been identified, The New York Times reported.

Detectives are also searching for a third man, who was last seen wearing a red scarf, a dark shirt and hat, and white shoes, WCBS reported.

The murder weapon has not been recovered, and no shell casings were found at the scene, according to the Jackson Heights Post.

Gutierrez has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, gang assault, and murder, WCBS reported.

In December of 2018, he and 11 other suspects were charged with drug and weapons offenses, as well as attempted murder and conspiracy, according to The New York Times.

He was released on $2,500 bail, and is still awaiting trial in that case.

You can watch the viral cell phone footage of the altercation in the video below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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He shouldn't have been out, with just a mere $2500 bail - being a MS-13 gang member with those charges. Oh, but this is New York. Okay, this is par for the course. Now he will be charged with murder. How long before he's out again?


In DeBlasios New York aren’t you allowed three murders before you get a 6 month or a year in prison?


In NYC they don't want to offend any minorities so putting a high bond on someone, even they committed a violent act, would hurt their feelings.


Will liberals in NY release him back out on bail again now that he’s back in jail? After all it’s more important to keep the population numbers low in jail than protect the public right.


Thank god for gun control. <sarc>