VIDEO: Mother Charged With Murder After Dropping Baby To Fight Another Woman

A mother has been charged with murder for dropping her baby in a fight.

Moultrie, GA – A Georgia mother who dropped her three-month old baby during a July 19 fight with another woman outside a beauty salon was charged with murder after the baby died.

Karen Harrison, 26, was charged with felony murder, first degree cruelty to children, second degree cruelty to children, simple battery and affray, according to WALB. (Video below)

Harrison had first told the police that the baby had fallen from the arms of a friend of the family, WALB reported. Carneata Clark, the friend of the family, told police the same story.

However, police discovered video of the fight.

In the video, Harrison was holding her baby in her left arm and arguing and pointing her finger at another woman.

The other woman was holding two bags, one in each hand, and then swung her right arm in an attempt to hit Harrison with the bag.

Harrison avoided the bag, but then dropped her baby as she started swinging back.

Another person had to rush in to grab the baby off of the ground and Harrison ignored the baby while she fought.

Harrison brought her baby to the hospital a day after the fight. The baby later died from injuries to the fall, according to WALB.

Police said the other woman involved in the fight had not been charged. But police said the investigation was ongoing and there could be more arrests, according to WALB.

Harrison's friend was charged with false statements and writings and obstruction of an officer for lying to the police, according to WALB.

Harrison was denied bond and Clark was let out on a $5,000 bond.

Clark said there was more to the story, according to WALB.

“People on the outside looking in, they don’t even know the whole story, you feel me, I feel like, free Karen, all the way,” Clark said, according to WALB. “If y’all know Karen, she takes care of her kids, y’all know how she feel about her kids, y’all know what she’ll do for her kids, y’all know that she is not no bad person.”

You can see video of the incident below. WARNING - Disturbing Content:

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Yep...trash mother fighting another woman...what more can we expect? Trash on trash violence.


They're both demented. What kind of individual would take a swing at someone holding an infant? Just my two cents, she's equally as responsible for the death.


Im guessing the PD slowed the video way down cuz I cant tell if she swung or tried to protect herself when other one grabbed at her hair...Either way, she sure looked like aggressir at 1st pointing finger in other ladies face, holding your infant she should have walked away from it all no matter what, and she waited till next day to seek treatment? !!! , thats unacceprable :(


I know Karen dropped her baby . She put herself in that situation . Ya I know black lives DON'T matter if killed by other blacks


Sad, but I see this other Lady as aggressor and hit her fursty. Words are one thing,that lady swung at her with a bag of milk! THAT lady should be charged with assault leading to death !