VIDEO: Mom Insists Son Is 'Just A Little Kid' During Arrest For Shooting Threat

A Volusia County mother argued with deputies who arrested her son for posting school shooting threats in a video game.

Daytona Beach, FL – A Seabreeze High School student was arrested after he posted a school shooting threat online on a video game despite his mother protesting that he was “just a little kid” (video below).

When deputies arrived at the home of the 15-year-old boy, he told them that he was joking when he posted the threat on Discord, a chat program, using the name “Dalton Barnhart,” the Associated Press reported.

The comment was reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who in turn referred it to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 15, according to the explanation beneath the bodycam video posted on the department’s official Facebook page.

Volusia County sheriff’s deputies arrested the 15 year old the very next morning, the Associated Press reported.

Bodycam video of the arrest began as a plainclothes deputy read the threat to the boy and his mother from his cell phone.

"I Dalton Barnhart vow to bring my fathers m15 to school and kill 7 people at a minimum,” the boy wrote.

When another deputy began to handcuff her son, the video showed the mother complained that she didn’t understand why he was being arrested.

“He’s under arrest currently for making a threat to cause a mass shooting…” the plainclothes deputy explained

“But he’s just a little kid playing a video game,” she argued. “These kids say stuff like that all the time. It’s a joke to them. It’s a game. And it’s so wrong. I hate that game.”

The video showed the deputy explained that FBI and local law enforcement spend a lot of time investigating online threats.

“How do we know he’s not going to be like the kid from Parkland, or he’s not going to be like the kid that shot up Sandy Hook? We don’t know that,” he told the mother.

The deputies attempted to explain which laws had been broken by the boy’s post, the video showed.

“There is a Florida state statute that you cannot make a written threat to cause a mass shooting,” the deputy told the woman.

He explained that her son was being taken to the juvenile facility and would probably be held there for a few days.

When the deputy told her the boy would be charged with either a second- or third-degree felony, she became hysterical, the video showed.

“He’s just a little boy,” the mother protested. “He didn’t do anything wrong. Yes, he’s 15, but he’s still a little boy. He’s not one of those crazy people out there doing stuff.”

“Yeah, well he did what he did,” the deputy said.

“He shouldn’t be treated as though he’s a terrorist or something because he made a silly statement on a stupid video game,” the mother argued.

The deputy asked if the woman kept a gun in her home, the video showed.

“I have a gun, yes,” she admitted.

“Ok, he has hands and feet and he can grab your gun and go do something,” the deputy told her.

“He would never do anything like that anyway,” she insisted.

“We don’t know that…” the deputy started to say.

“But I know! I know!” she yelled, cutting him off to defend her child.

The video showed the deputy explained that most parents say that.

He told the mother that this is the world we live in where people think it’s funny to threaten to kill kids at school.

“He’s not people! He’s a child,” the mother insisted in the video.

“I’m telling you right now this is not my son. My son and I are like this… he’s a little boy still,” she cried.

She told the deputies that she didn’t even like the video games.

The video showed the deputy told her that the boy didn’t need video games to live, and that he was going to be facing charges for what he had posted.

“He made the charge, he’s going to face the consequences," the deputy said.

Watch the mother protest her son’s innocence in the video below:

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Disengaged parents who believe their little snowflakes couldn't do something like that after all those other kids did. Their kids aren't like that...said only the parents.


Tough sh*t...

If your son is old enough to post threats like that, he's old enough to accept the consequences.


🤣 Saw this on the news & busted a gut then. This is even better! Stoopid offspring of Flakes for parents, who live in their own, little world of DENIAL & daisies. 🌼 She needs to see a shrink as much as he does. Obvious ‘Mommy/Son’ issues in bloom. Could pose to be a very dangerous problem in the future, as well.
Many killers had ‘mommy issues’. Daddy too, but more towards ‘mom’.
Nip ‘em in the bud.


Welcome to the real world “son”. Even if the boy did have bad intentions, she’s still going to deny, that it’s not her son who did it. And who the hell wears orange socks? I’ll tell you who, a mamas boy!!!!! A mamas boy who could very well turn into a killer.


Oh look, a white kid being separated from his parents due to the commission of a crime. Huh. It's almost as if the law is applied equally to people in the US regardless of skin color. Somebody tell AOC so she can fake cry at the juvenile detention centre's parking lot...