VIDEO: Mob Of Teens Beat, Pull Gun On Off-Duty Cop For Asking Them To Move Car

An off-duty police officer was assaulted by a group of armed, violent teens at a boat dock on Saturday.

Des Moines, WA – An off-duty police officer was attacked by a group of thugs at a boat launch on Saturday, after the officer asked them to move their vehicles so he could get his boat out of the water (video below).

One of the assailants pulled a gun during the altercation, a witness said during a cell phone video of the incident.

The encounter unfolded at approximately 5 p.m. on June 16 at Redondo Beach, KING reported.

The group refused the off-duty officer’s request that they move their vehicles, but the officer was able to retrieve his boat from the water anyway.

He then headed towards the parking lot, where he and his wife were confronted by a group of teens and young adults, cell phone footage showed.

“Did you touch him, n - - - a?” a barefoot man in a blue sweatshirt screamed as he stormed towards the officer.

“Yeah, I did,” the officer responded. “He got in my face!”

“He’s 16!” a female interjected. “You’re a grown a - - man! Are you stupid?”

“I’m in your face right now,” the arrogant woman challenged. “What are you gonna do?”

Suddenly, the man wearing the blue sweatshirt circled to the officer’s right side and punched him in the head.

The officer attempted to fend off the group, who quickly surrounded him and pushed him onto the hood of a nearby vehicle.

One of the attackers managed to knock the officer to the ground.

Police said that another member of the group left and returned to the fight with a gun, which he pointed at the officer, KIRO reported.

The group then broke up and fled the scene.

In the video, a woman said that one of the individuals had kicked her phone out of her hand as she was recording the incident.

“He pulled a gun on him,” the woman commented to a male witness who came to check on her.

“I saw that,” the man replied.

The off-duty officer, who is an officer from another jurisdiction, sustained minor injuries, KOMO reported.

On Tuesday, Des Moines Police Chief Ken Thomas said that local detectives had identified and arrested three individuals in connection with the assault, according to a City of Des Moines Facebook post.

An 18-year-old male was being held for investigation of second-degree assault involving a firearm, and a second 18-year-old male was charged for fourth-degree assault and third-degree malicious mischief.

A 16-year-old male had also been arrested on a fourth-degree assault charge, Chief Thomas said.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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These people will get away with this. Its ultra liberal Country up there. Everyone needs to find someplace else to go. Unfortunately until something can be done about this noone is safe. Our Justice system has been infiltrated and is ruining this Country


More kids that their parents should be proud of!!


Typical thug gang.. Sneak around and attack from the back while their girls distract the victim. As for the 16 year old... They will shoot you in a heartbeat and get away with it because they are unable to comprehend what they are doing. At least that is what the judges appear to think! Glad these little punks got arrested. Hopefully the one with the gun can do some serious time.


This is why off duty cops should always have a weapon. Show your badge and pull a gun on those thugs and end this right on the spot.


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