VIDEO: Masked Man Starts Recording In A School, Refuses To Leave

A masked man scared students and frustrated school district officials when he showed up and started filming.

Cave Creek, AZ – A masked man with a camera showed up at the Cave Creek school district’s office and demanded to film (video below).

He refused to sign in, as is the school’s policy for visitors, and that was when the school officials called the police, according to KTVK-TV.

The masked man claimed to be a “First Amendment auditor,” working for an organization called Dragonfire Auditing. The group’s members remain anonymous.

"Auditing" is a common practice in the anti-police community where people create confrontations with government employees in an attempt to bait them into situations where the "auditor" can claim that their rights were violated.

“If you do not like the first amendment, North Korea is waiting for you,” the group posted on YouTube.

The group posted the video of their visit to Cave Creek Unified School District in early March.

The video showed a man recording employees in the district, one of whom at first appeared to be startled, but then asked how she could help.

“Hi. I’m just recording you. Nothing to be concerned about,” the man behind the camera said.

“How may I help you?” the employee asked again.

“Oh, I’m just here recording my employees in, uh, doing of their duties,” the man behind the camera replied.

The visit upset many of the students, who saw a masked man lurking outside as they left campus, according to KTVK.

“They were calling back to the high school saying there's some strange man out here with a mask on. It was very frightening to the students,” Cave Creek Unified School District Superintendent Debbie Burdick said.

Police were called when the masked man refused to provide identification to be inside the school.

“I don't follow your protocols because you work for us we don't work for you,” he said.

When asked why he was recording, the masked man said, “It’s a secret,” according to KTVK.

Although the First Amendment allows for recording video on public property, filming on school property becomes more complicated.

“Every parent has an assumption that when they send their child to school they're safe,” Burdick said.

The masked man eventually left the building, but the organization has continued its harassment of the school district.

Burdick said the group has called the office as many as 40 to 50 times each day in the days following their visit.

Watch video of the masked man confronting school district officials and the police below:

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In NYC it's in the law books that you can't have your face covered unless you're in a parade, performing or under a certain temperature. But this law is hardly ever enforced but I'm sure it would be if it happened in a Board of Ed. building. He should be charge with trespassing at least. Signing in, is that all he had to do to be able to walk around freely? If he has no child in the school he has no business being there.


To shut down the Youtube channel-
Make sure you let them know they are a threat because of the following sentence!
“If you do not like the first amendment, North Korea is waiting for you,” the group posted on YouTube.
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In many jurisdictions, the wearing of a mask in public is a violation of the law. In any case, it is grounds to retain and investigate the suspect!