VIDEO: Man With Two Knives Gets Taken Down By Beanbags And Fur Missile


Marshfield police were able to disarm and arrest Patrick Langreck after he threatened two social workers with a knife.

Marshfield, WI – Police arrested a man on Friday who chased two social workers out of his home with a knife (video below).

Authorities said that 52-year-old Patrick Langreck chased the social workers from his home and then threw the knife at their car, according to the Marshfield News Herald.

The police were called, but when they arrived, Langreck refused to order to drop the knives and would not cooperate and talk to the officers, WEAU reported.

Marshfield Police Chief Rick Gramza said Langreck started walking with knives toward two Marshfield police officers in the 200-block of North Spruce Street, the Marshfield News Herald reported.

The police department released bodycam and dashcam videos from the incident that showed Langreck in a standoff with police, as he stood on the side of the road with a knife in each hand.

“Pat, put that knife down,” an officer told the man as he approached.

“Pat, you need to stay there,” another officer cautioned in the dashcam video.

“Pat, stay there. I don’t want you to get hurt,” the first officer told Langreck again, as he continued to advance on the officers.

Bodycam video also showed officers warned Langreck multiple times before shooting him with less-lethal bean bag rounds in an attempt to get him to drop the knives.

The first bean bag struck him in the upper right leg, and he looked surprised as he limped away.

A second round also hit him in the lower body, but then Langreck continue advance on the officers, clutching a knife in each of his hands, the video showed.

The officers continued to yell at Langreck to drop the knives, and he continued to ignore them, the video showed.

After being struck by one more bean bag round, Langreck began to walk away from the officers, toward the side of the road.

At that point, the officer ordered the K9 officer to release his dog. Langreck dropped his knife as the fur missile barreled toward him, the video showed.

The dog knocked Langreck to the ground, and then officers stepped in to take the man into custody, the video showed.

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No officers were injured during the incident, and Langreck was taken to the Wood County Jail after he was medically cleared, according to the Marshfield Police Department’s official Facebook page.

This was not Langreck’s first run in with the law.

In fact, court records showed Langreck had been convicted earlier on Friday of criminal damage to property in a case filed in Wood County in March, the Wausau Pilot & Review reported. He was on probation at the time of his arrest.

Police requested the Wood County district attorney charge Langreck with four counts of recklessly endangering safety for the knife incident, WEAU reported.

Langreck made headlines in 2017 when he was convicted of stealing and selling Dick Trickle’s “Purple Knight” stock car, WSAW reported.

Prosecutors said their investigation had determined that the car was owned by Langreck’s brother, and that Langreck had no right to sell it, according to WSAW.

He was ordered to pay $8,850 in restitution, WSAW reported.

You can see the video of the takedown below:

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Happy ending, give the dog a treat!


Bean Bags and a K-9 are not appropriate for a suspect in such close proximity to officers. That individual is lucky that he isn't in the jurisdiction I worked for or, he would be in the hospital or the morgue. Anyone with a knife within 21 feet can stab you before you can draw and shoot. Lots of officers put in danger to save his life.


@7ACChamp I think they did great! He was walking at them from much farther than 21 feet, not running, one officer had the bean bags and was backed up with lethal force. I was concerned for the K9, but they also had him covered with a tazer as well as lethal by then. I think enjoy your retirement and stop MMQ the guys who have modern training.


Good Doggie! 🐾


@Katarina @7ACChamp I think you're both right. It's wonderful that they were able to control the situation without more drastic measures and it's also true that scenes like that can go bad much faster than people realize. I'm guessing there was some sort of relationship between the man and the cop calling him by first name so maybe they thought he was not likely to actually cause harm. Hard to know.


Perp has some issues I'm guessing but hey, at least he's still alive to get some help. Now give that K9 a couple of treats


Quote: "You can see the video of the takedown below:"

Where? There is no video link below. Only comments.


Appropriate response with a slow moving suspect who refused to comply. I have no doubt there were officers on scene who were locked and loaded with lethal options should "Pat" had made an aggressive move. I'm not thrilled about the deployment of the canine while suspect is armed.