VIDEO: Man With Knife Yells At Cops 'Shoot Me' - They Do

Police released bodycam video of NYPD officers shooting a knife-wielding man in the Bronx in January.

Bronx, NY – Police have released the bodycam footage from two New York Police Department (NYPD) officers who shot of a knife-wielding man in January (video below).

Police said that Michael Hansford, 52, tried to stab his landlord with a box cutter after he was served with an eviction notice on Jan. 29, the New York Post reported.

Another man pulled Hansford off his landlord, but he escaped.

Then Hansford chased his landlord down the street with a "military-style knife", according to WNBC.

Responding officers encountered the two men during that chase, and intervened.

NYPD released a video on Thursday that included footage from the bodycams of both officers who were involved in the shooting. The officers have been on the department for two and three years, respectively.

In the video, one officer tells Hansford to put his hands up several times.

Then both officers can be heard repeatedly yelling at Hansford to “Drop the Knife!”

Hansford can be heard repeatedly yelling “Shoot me! Just shoot me!”

Throughout the video, Hansford appeared to be attempting to approach the officers, as they worked to position themselves out of his path.

The video showed the officers opened fire when Hansford lunged at them, after about 15 seconds of ordering the man to drop the knife.

The man did not drop his knife, and continued to advance on officers until they shot him, the video showed.

Hansford was pronounced dead at St. Barnabas Hospital, according to WPIX.

After the incident occurred, Hansford’s neighbors were quick to demand that NYPD produce the bodycam footage of the shooting.

Critics have said officers should have used less-lethal methods, such as a Taser, to disarm the obviously disturbed suspect.

“You can know that’s a guy that’s not mentally there,” neighbor Raphael Rodriguez told WNBC.

“They could have tased him, or brought him down like that. Or shot him in the leg,” Rodriguez said.

NYPD’s Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison was quick to defend the officers after the incident, and said at a press conference that “the officers were doing their duty,” according to WNBC.

Watch video of the officer-involved shooting below:

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Well folks there you have it.
Police work is not some 20 minute police drama where everything ends happily ever after.
Police work is like making sausage. People enjoy policing that keeps them safe and able to live n gentrified areas and visit south bronx to see a Yankee game. The second they see how that is accomplished they bash the police and criticize the tactics used.
Guy pulls a knofe its dead bang. Think the cops used too much restriant and hesitation. They should of shot this fuck second he brandished the blade and attempted to move toward the cops.


I agree. It was 100% justified and would have been justified sooner. People say “he should have shot him in the leg” and to that I ask, have you ever tried to shoot a moving target? They say also “they should have tazed him” and I say, you meet deadly force with deadly force. Until you’ve been on the street and done the job these men do don’t run your mouth. Decisions are made in milliseconds and their mission is to go home ALIVE.


I've watched enough TV shows to know that the officers could have fired at a telephone pole, bounced the bullet off a pigeons ass and wounded the man in the pecker instead of shooting him while he was only trying to hug them with a knife. Tongue in cheek humor. Thanks guys for your service. Jim Hanson USMC Ret.


Absolutely ReserveDepty3431!!! Job one is go home. These guys actually had justification way sooner than they fired. Taze, shoot in leg, why not non-lethal??? Give me a break. If you want trick shots call Matt Dillon.