VIDEO: Man Tries Stabbing Father In Front Of Officers; Cops Respond With Guns

Tom Gantert

Victor Arroyo didn't heed numerous warnings to drop a knife.

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released bodycam footage of an officer-involved shooting of a man who stabbed his sister’s boyfriend and then refused to obey commands to drop the knife when police arrived (video below.)

The incident happened June 9 at a graduation party just before police got a call from the susepct's sister, according to KTLA-TV.

“Hi, um … my boyfriend got stabbed in the face by my brother, and my brother is like going crazy right now and we can’t control him,” the woman said on the 911 call.

Several officers responded to the family’s apartment unit. Police couldn’t get in the house at first as it was protected by a metal security door, according to LAPD Commander Alan Hamilton.

In the video, the officers repeatedly told Arroyo to drop the knife and come out of the apartment. Another man in the house eventually opened the metal security door and the police entered, according to KTLA.

When police entered the back room, Victor Arroyo, 22, was holding a knife and the police again order him to drop it.

Arroyo’s father then struggled with his son to get him to drop the knife.

Police fired beanbag rounds him several times but that didn’t stop Arroyo, according to KTLA. Arroyo then charged his father while waving the knife and tried to stab him.

An officer fired his firearm and hit Arroyo once in the shoulder. Arroyo fell to the ground and police swarmed him and took the knife away.

Police also recovered a second knife from the scene that was used to stab the sister’s boyfriend. Arroyo was taken into custody and then taken to the hospital. The stabbing victim survived.

Arroyo was charged June 12 with one count of attempted murder and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, KTLA reported. Arroyo was held at a correctional facility on $1.14 million bail.

Police said Arroyo had a previous conviction for possession of a controlled substance.

You can see the video of the attack below:

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These body cameras seem to have the worst audio recording. Anytime an officer has to talk loudly the audio is always garbled up. Jeez, my first cell phone that could record audio beat that. In fact, my first Walkman easily beats it. They probably pay a small fortune for that equipment too. But on the bright side at least they have video proof to back up use of force incidents.


They need to work on the audio side of these But at least having the video helps fight spurious claims against the police, or can prove they were wrong.


Well done LAPD. And my God look at the state of that apartment!


I understand that the dad was trying to get his son to drop the knife, but he was making the situation more difficult for the officers. Thank you to all LEOs. I pray that you always go home safely.


Noticed bean bags fired, but no taser. It’s understandable the dad not wanting to see his son shot, but he made matters worse. Had the officers had an unobstructed view, the bean bags may have done the job, or allowed taser deployment, or if no other option, lethal force. The enclosure and obstructions made the situation all the more dangerous to officers as the man appeared to move within 20-feet. This could have gotten much worse, but for the officers bravery & actions. Well done.