VIDEO: Man Tries Impersonating US Marshal When Dealing With Real Cops


The Boynton Beach police arrested a man who was impersonating a U.S. Marshal on Wednesday.

Boynton Beach, FL – Police arrested a 61-year-old man who was falsely representing himself as a U.S. Marshal, and carrying a fake gun (video below).

Officers were called to the Best Buy store by management on Wednesday after employees recognized a man they believed had stolen an iPhone a few days before, according to the police report released by the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Police released bodycam footage of the March 21 incident which showed that upon arrival at the store, officers encountered John O’Grady, who was wearing a U.S. Marshal’s badge and gun holster on his belt.

In the video, an officer asked O’Grady if he was a police officer, and O’Grady said no.

When they asked him about his badge, he said he was a U.S. Marshal, the video showed.

O’Grady was unable to produce credentials, or any other identification that associated him with the U.S. Marshals Service.

“So now you’re carrying a weapon with no ID on you?” an officer asked him.

“No, cuz I just stepped out of my house to …” O’Grady replied in the video.

“You have a number we can call for your supervisor?” the officer cut him off.

“No,” O’Grady said.

They began to handcuff O’Grady and he balked.

“Until we figure out what’s going on. You have a weapon, you have no ID on you,” an officer explained.

“It’s not a real weapon,” O’Grady told them.

“You’re carrying a fake weapon?” an officer asked incredulously.

“Yes,” O’Grady replied.

“And you’re federal marshal?” another officer asked.

“No,” he answered, in the video.

“Oh, no you’re not?” the officer said. “Congratulations, you’re impersonating a police officer. That’s a federal offense.”

“Oh yeah, congratulations! That’s a felony,” another officer said.

In the video, O’Grady told officers he didn’t know that impersonating a police officer was against the law.

After officers disarmed the man, they determined he had been carrying a BB gun in the holster at his side.

He gave police permission to search his vehicle in the parking lot and they located the stolen iPhone that the employees mentioned in their initial 911 call.

O’Grady was charged with impersonating a police officer and retail theft (grand), and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, according to the police report.

Watch the bodycam video of O’Grady’s arrest below:

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prophetess anna
prophetess anna

to impersonate a U.S. MARSHALL or any law enforcement officer is most definately AGAINST THE LAW--why is it, this man, did not know that???? I think everyone should know that--EVERYONE


Nice catch


On a brighter note, he does get to ride in a police car. Maybe, if he behaves himself they'll let him work the lights and siren in the parking lot.


I'm just glad that this nutcase didn't pull a real gun and hurt the police officers. Good job guys.
Stay safe.


And to walk into a police station no less! A 5150 for sure!