VIDEO: Man Threatens Officer's Kids Then Fights Cops, Loses Very Badly

A man was captured on video threatening to go to an officer's home and attack his children before he resisted arrest.

Queens, NY - A man lost a fight with a group of New York's finest during his arrest for threatening to go to an officer's house and "f**k up" his kids. The incident was captured on video (available below.)

The incident happened Thursday afternoon in Far Rockaway at 13-24 Beach Channel Drive, according to New York Post.

The witness who recorded the incident told New York Post that Sean Marcellin, 24, was waiting to pull into Empire Car Wash when officers puled in behind him.

The officers stopped Marcellin for not using his turn signal. During the stop he was unable to show that he had a driver's license, showing only a learner's permit.

Marcellin was immediately mouthy with the plainclothes cops, saying, "Why the f**k are you pulling me over?” He then made some inaudible threats.

The situation continued as an officer repeatedly asked Marcellin for his name.

“I’m going to find out where you live right now, and I'll f**k your kids up, f**kin f****t,” Marcellin responded.

After Marcellin repeatedly refused to get out of the car, the officers opened his door and pulled him out to arrest him. Marcellin then resisted arrest.

One officer tased Marcellin, while others wrestled him to the ground. After a short fight, officers were able to get him in custody.

Marcellin's father told the New York Post that he was very surprised and upset about the incident until he saw the video.

“He should have just complied with the police. I always talk to him about this,” he told New York Post.

Marcellin was arrested for making terroristic threats, resisting arrest, and obstructing government administration, and ticketed for driving without a license and not using a turn signal, according to New York Post.

One of Marcellin's lawyers told the New York Post that it was a racial issue.

“When the cops stopped him, they didn’t come over to him nicely, they said, ‘Give me your f**king license,’ and pounded on his car,” she said. “Here’s a kid who’s just frustrated … he can’t be black in Far Rockaway without being stopped by police."

She added that Marcellin's threat to find out where the officer lived and "f**k up" his kids was “obviously not a real threat.”

You can see the video of the incident below. The action starts at about the 4:16 mark:

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