VIDEO: Man Shoots At Cops Outside Walmart, Gets Turned Into Human Sprinkler

Sean Bradley made the last mistake of his life when he opened fire on police officers.

Flagstaff, AZ – Bodycam video has been released of a Flagstaff police officer-involved shooting after a suspect shot at officers and police responded with a hail of gunfire.

The suspect was identified as Sean Bradley, 29.

The incident happened on Thursday at around 9:48 PM after police were called to a suspect brandishing a weapon at a Walmart, according to Flagstaff PD.

Officers Pat Condon, Dustin Hemp, and Ryan Sherf arrived within three minutes of the call and located Bradley in his vehicle in the parking lot of the Walmart at 2601 East Huntington Avenue.

Bradley's vehicle was in drive and he had his foot on the brake.

Officers repeatedly ordered the man to show his hands and shut his vehicle off. That’s when Bradely pulled out a gun and opened fire on Officer Condon.

The three officers returned fire, permanently ending Bradley’s ability to harm anybody.

After the gunfight, Bradley’s vehicle rolled forward into a light pole.

The officers created a perimeter around the vehicle until SWAT arrived to approach the vehicle.

Bradley was removed from the vehicle by SWAT and pronounced dead by medics on scene.

Two rifles, a handgun, boxes of ammunition and several spent casings were located inside his truck.

No officers were injured in the gunfight, and Coconino County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation.

Police had no prior contacts with Bradley before the shooting, and it’s unknown why he was brandishing a weapon or why he tried to murder officers.

You can see the video of the gunfight below. WARNING: Viewer discretion advised.

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I was a civilian employee (in a variety of assignments) with 3 PDs and got my A.A. in criminal justice, where almost all the instructors were LEOs - no armchair wannabe LEOs. Believe me, all you brave men and women who wear the badge get my respect and my thanks. For those who object to justified shootings, do you think all the equipment the officers wear and carry with them in the vehicles are just for show? They pray they never have to use deadly force to defend themselves and citizens, but when they strap on the vest and their heavy duty belts, they are always aware that today may be the day they are forced to do so. Thank you, all LEOs, for all you do to keep us civilians safe.


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Gets Turned Into Human Sprinkler?