VIDEO: Man Sees Thief Driving Off In His Truck, Opens Can O' Whoop A..


Warning: Foul language in audio.

Boynton Beach, FL - A Florida man named Joby Stevens posted pictures and video to social media which shows the aftermath of him catching a truck thief.

Stevens posted that he was in Home Depot in Boynton Beach on Saturday, and when he came out, he saw his truck driving down the street.

Stevens ran after the thief, and jumped in the truck while the thief was trying to "floor it."

He then says that he wrestled the thief out.

While he was still holding the thief, waiting for police to arrive, Stevens took out his cell phone and started recording.

"Smile bro! Won't Smile?" Stevens said in the video.

"You motherf*****!" Stevens says as he appears to smack the thief.

A second video later shows Boynton Beach Police Officers taking the suspect into custody.

"I bet he must have just saw me running," Stevens said in the video. "And I hit the door, and then he tried to floor it. And luckily it was unlocked, luckily I have a step that comes down, 'cause I was sitting on the step, choking him as he was driving away."

Along with the videos, Stevens posted the ominous warning for the thief's accomplice.

"You stole the wrong truck today dude and whoever you are in the gold Tahoe with newer style chevy rims I’m coming for you to my friend.."

Boynton Beach Police Department was not immediately available for comment on the incident.

You can see the videos of the incident below. NOTE: Multiple videos, keep scrolling for more. Language warning.

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Did the driver leave the keys in the ignition or did he remove the keys and lock the doors? This article brings up unanswered questions.

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@Jimmyd2 He apparently used vice grips and a screwdriver on the ignition to get it going.


The police in Oxnard, CA drove through neighborhoods citing residents who left the keys in their car and running. A large percentage of car thefts resulted from cars stolen out of driveways. Citizens were burdening their policing resource by being foolish. That was the reason for the question. Sounds like Mr. Stevens was a victim in every sense of the word.


Nice to see cock suckers like this being caught and getting their just rewards.


Jimmyd2, I don't give a damn whether the keys were in the truck and it was unlocked or not. The man knew the truck wasn't his and had no business trying to steal it.